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Pig on the eastern horoscope

Pig on the eastern horoscope

The pig is always gallant, obliging, but at the same time terribly scrupulous. The Pig has a chivalrous character. She can be completely trusted, she will never betray and not deceive. The pig is very naive, trusting and kind, so it often goes sideways for it. But it's better to sideways, or even eat completely! But the Pig does not lose heart - and accepts defeat in a philosophical way. Disadvantages of others Pig perceive tolerantly, but its patience should not be tested for a long time, it's not rubber.

At first glance it seems that the Pig is very weak and defenseless, but this is only an appearance, because the Pig is simply very peaceful and does not like to enter into conflict situations.

If we consider the material side of the life of the Pig, it should be said that she will always find what she needs for the subsistence minimum. She will always have money, she can not sit without work, so she works, as they say, from dark to dark, in several works at once. But at the same time the Pig never forgets about the affairs of the household, so in her house it's always warm and cozy.

The pig is inherently a materialist, has a strong enough will to achieve the goal. If the Pig has made any decision, it is very difficult to convince, and it is almost impossible to stop. However, too long reflections on the existing problem can prevent the achievement of the goal or postpone it for a very long time.

The first half of life is relatively calm, in the second - all sorts of problems, from marital to work.

If the Pig was born long before the Chinese New Year holiday, she could avoid many troubles.

Male Pig

He, as a rule, has very few friends, but those who are, he cherishes and maintains friendly relations with them throughout his life. For the sake of his friends the man-pig is ready to make any sacrifices. He is sensitive and attentive to those whom he loves and whom he likes.

Although the Pig is a man and likes to discuss and discuss at leisure, he will never argue with a loved one. In short, he is not capable of weaving intrigues and engaging in warlike disputes and is ready to make any concessions in order to avoid controversial situations. All this he does, despite the fact that in the depths of my soul I am sure that I'm 100% right. Being very impulsive and broad in nature, he will always give in and lose in favor of the one who is weaker.

Female Pig

Very elegant, elegant and unique. She likes to make gifts and surprises, and also organize small festivities for the most trifling occasion. For example, a Pig woman can quite seriously organize a celebration of the beginning of the summer or arrange a jubilee from the day of planting her favorite cactus.

The pig is an unsurpassed and resourceful mistress. So next to it you will never die of hunger. Moreover, she likes to cook and treat her guests, who appreciate and praise her culinary skills. A Pig Woman is always a good and caring mother.

Relations with other people

The pig is at first sight a closed person, but it is far from it. She has many friends, likes to communicate, often acts as the soul of the company. With outsiders, contacts rarely enough, and this depends on which sign of the Zodiac her interlocutors were born under. A pig is often loved by several people at once, so that there is enough love for it (though, as well as disappointments).

The Pig has good relations with the Cat, because he is calm and will not bring the Swine unnecessary problems. But the Serpent should be avoided, because it is wiser and the Pig is not able to understand the actions of the Serpent. With the Goat Pig can not have anything in common.


A pig can devote himself to almost any profession. She always conscientiously treats her duties and, in fact, is a workaholic. The pig will never give up work, even if all others refused. In financial activity, the Pig will be on top, especially since she knows exactly how to handle money and how to place them in a favorable position! But she should be very cautious, because many simply abuse her trust, which can result in financial collapse.

Pig - an aesthetic nature, so can achieve great success in some forms of art: literature, theater, cinema, painting.


The pig likes to lie in the sun, spend several hours in a cozy armchair. She will arrange for herself holidays solely for the sake of not souring from the daily life. Pig can hold not only home evenings, but real banquets for three hundred people.

Pig - compatibility characteristics

Compatibility of Pig with Rat

Both passionate and sexual beings, they bring together the desire for pleasure. Perhaps this is the only thing that unites them. And they do not regret it, together experiencing wonderful moments. True, sometimes the rat is irritated by the naivety of the Pig, especially in business and family matters.

But if the Rat is overwhelmed by passion, she always admires the attention and tenderness of the Pig. For her sake, she is ready to go into fire and water, trying to stir and encourage her unwieldy pet. She can teach her a lot, especially the ability to manage money.

Pig Compatibility with the Bull

The pig wants to be the most cunning, but in fact it can flash only levity. Therefore, the Bull should always be on the alert. They really like each other and especially appreciate honesty in the partner. The pig always acts as a fighter, and the Bull is distinguished by an exceptional peace, this is their strength.

But this union does not do without disagreements, because a pig is a glutton by nature, and the Bull can not afford such waste. They are pleased with different things - one is satisfied with the small, and the other wants abundance.

The bull is an excellent economist, but the Pig is wasteful and can not live without comfort, which causes mutual reproaches. But on this, one can say, their differences and ends, because the Pig perfectly developed sense of proportion. And if she feels that she is tired of the Bull, she will immediately be silent.

Pig Compatibility with Tiger

These signs unite their loyalty. They know how to make friends and love, their nights are full of passion. They know what honor is. Tiger is much more cunning than Pig and helps her to defend herself. He instills the ability of the Swine to find weaknesses in the defense of the enemy and thus adapts it to life.

Both respect each other's freedom, they show tolerance and trust, which is the basis of their union. From time to time the Tiger takes the partner out of himself, but not out of spite, but rather out of curiosity. In business, things are great, they complement each other.

Compatibility of Pigs with Rabbit

This is the best alliance of all combinations. They respect each other, because they value the positive qualities, which they have more than enough. Sometimes a Pig wants to be alone, and Rabbit will not take it as a tragedy, he is able to adapt and is used to please his partner.

All the free time Rabbit uses for home improvement. Both will try to avoid everything that can interfere with family well-being. In an intimate life Rabbit will help the Pig to avoid thoughtless deeds. They will prevent them in time.

But in any union are not excluded flaws. Pig is sensual, sometimes even too much, and Rabbit is chaste and even in the most passionate situations, he does not discard the veil of modesty that can make Pig laugh, and Rabbit will not understand the cause of laughter.

Pig Compatibility with the Dragon

For the Dragon, this union is very favorable, but for the Pig not quite. In this combination, the Pig falls into a trap, because the Dragon instantly twists its head. Pig all the free time will be occupied only by the Dragon, but for herself she will no longer have time.

Her admiration for a brilliant partner will inspire her with energy, she will become more emancipated and begin independent exits in society. This Dragon does not offend at all, and he will not forget to give wise advice to his partner. The pig will gratefully accept the words of the Dragon, because his advice is always valuable.

Compatibility of Pig with Snake

In this union, there are some paradoxes. Bewildered by the Serpent, the Pig instantly falls in love with her - and makes a big mistake. Because the Serpent will fool her head, as well as the rest. Honesty is not her quality.

The snake is even irritated by the natural honesty of the Pig. She thinks she's incredibly stupid and naively trusting. Perhaps, her opinion has some truth, because Pig very easily goes to all agreements. Despite these difficulties, feelings can hold them together, although they are even expressed in different ways.

But there is a danger that soon Snake will want to eat Pig. This is unlikely to happen, because the Pig has a very quick reaction. The pig can easily get rid of the Snake's death grip, because she knows how to resist it. Of course, this fight will cost the teeth. The snake should not consider that it is a simpleton. Otherwise, unpleasant surprises await her.

Pig and Horse Compatibility

Both signs are honest and love an easy and pleasant life. The pig is too naive and does not see anything selfish in the actions of the Horse, but one can not rely only on the sleeping Pig. When she is injured, she is defended to the last. Therefore, the Pig chooses another tactic: she philosophically and patiently copes with her interesting partner.

Both are sensual and inventive. A pig likes the Horse, and it tries to stay near it, but this union will not do without friction, because the Horse needs to walk alone, and the Pig does not want to understand it.

In addition, the Horse is a born egoist and loves that everything belongs to her alone. If the Pig shows its independence and simple-mindedness, the Horse will become instantly jealous. In this regard, it is very difficult for them to adapt to each other.

Compatibility of Pigs with Sheep

This union is very favorable for both signs. Pig personifies luxury and generosity, and Sheep can not resist luxury and generosity. But there is an obstacle: The sheep can not be locked in a golden cage, it must preserve freedom. The pig is comfortable with these conditions, she allows the Sheep to walk around where she pleases.

The sheep will be able to introduce diversity and aesthetics into the Pig life and turn a tastelessly luxurious dwelling into a gallery of elite art. They live peacefully in their idyllic world and yield to each other. Both do not tolerate conflicts and gladly satisfy the vagaries of a partner.

But the Sheep can not be abused by the attention of the Pig, because of the soft and courteous it can turn into a severe and unapproachable, it is possible - aggressive. As always, the last word will be behind her.

Pig Compatibility with Monkey

Probably, the Pig is the only sign that can manipulate the Monkey's instincts and thus disarm it. Pigs are so loyal that they display royal patience. Actions Monkeys absolutely can not surprise. They want from the Monkey only understanding and believe in higher feelings.

Sometimes the truth, the Boar begins to doubt: Is the monkey a sage or just crazy? In this alliance the Monkey falls into a trap. She does not cease to ask herself whether the Pig is sincere or what caused her generosity.

The monkey will not be able to hurt the pig and will become a little cleaner next to it. She will keep looking more closely at her and, in the end, decide that the Pig is not so bad. In fact, the Pig is not so naive, she knows the goals pursued.

Compatibility of Pigs with Rooster

Excessively calm and thick-skinned Pig will not pay attention to the teething and roosting of the Rooster. Pigs are able to appreciate the kindness and nobility of the Rooster, by which he does not particularly boast. Pig can curb the aggressiveness of his motley friend and in time calms him down.

For his part, the Rooster will never humiliate the Pig and will not dishonor her exploit. These people perfectly get along together and establish excellent companionship based on mutual understanding and loquacity.

They have an intellectual union rather than one based on passion and love. At the slightest danger they always rush to the aid of each other. In their home, there is always a strict order, which can not be destroyed even by outside interference.

Compatibility Pigs with Dogs

Between these people immediately there is complete mutual understanding. From the union both benefit. Pig can teach Dog his carelessness and optimism, which she so lacks. Both partners are generous and honest, they are able to sympathize and respect each other.

They are able to maintain a good microclimate in the family and constantly strengthen their alliance. They know what true love and good life are, but for the rest they simply do not have a place. A pacified Dog will be happy and calm, because she is so interested in listening to the Pig and listening to her helpful advice.

She is not at all embarrassed by the awkwardness and sluggishness of the Pig, but sometimes the Dog shows excessive suspicion. However, at the right time, she boldly rushes to protect her beloved. True, sometimes the Pig is irritated by the excessive care of a restless girlfriend. But with the Pig, the Dog will not be lonely, and she will finally be able to relax.

Pig Compatibility with Pig

This is a very favorable union. They are able to be lenient towards the partner's weaknesses, and they have a basis for building this union. Very well, if they have interests in the work, this will strengthen the union even more, otherwise there is the danger of parting.

Misunderstanding can overshadow their life and end in terrible scenes. Such Pigs will find an occasion for a dispute. As a rule, the stumbling block is in the upbringing of children. While parents will be ranting, the offspring are in danger of growing up.

These people like to be at the family hearth and do not tolerate change. The life of these people is impossible without work. In order not to have mutual insults and reproaches, it is better for both partners to work.


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