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a lion

[To see a lion in a dream means that you are..]

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To see a lion in a dream means that you are governed by huge forces.

If you subjugate a lion - you will be the winner in any matter. If the lion will master you - it means that you will remain unprotected under the blows of ill-wishers. To see a lion in a cage means that your success depends on your ability to neutralize the people opposing you. To see a trainer controlling the behavior of a lion in and out of the cage means success in business: your knowledge and high business qualities will help you to gain favorable attention of women and men. To see a young lion is a sign that you are looking for a new business, which will be successful if you give it proper attention. If a young woman sees a young lion in her dream, she will have a new charming lover.

For a woman to see in a dream of Saint Daniel in the cave of a lion - means that her intellect and charm will place her destiny and her most desired lover. To hear in a dream the roar of a lion - the premonition of unforeseen achievements in business and success in women. To see above the head of a lion, with a growling showing teeth, threatens to defeat your desire for power. To see the skin of a lion - foretells wealth and happiness. Seeing yourself riding on a lion means that you show courage and perseverance in overcoming difficulties. To see that you protect your children from a lion with a sharp knife means that the enemies threatening you will succeed if you succumb to their tricks and dodge for a moment from debt and business obligations.

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Leo - a symbol of royalty, power, tyranny.

To see a lion in a cage - this dream means that at a decisive moment the commanders will behave not bravely and persistently, which will lead to the loss of the prestige of a strong power.

To see a lion playing with a small dog is a sign of true friendship that will last a lifetime, until the death of one of his friends.

To see a lion wounded in the heart is to bring a personal insult to the crowned person, which will cost the life of the offender.

To see a lion and a bear eating one carcass - this dream says that, despite the historical opposition, Germany will conclude an alliance with Britain.

To see a hungry and thin, peeling and emaciated lion is a symbol of a period of reassessment of values ​​that will come after the hungry August.

To see a flock of lions surrounding the prey is a sign that Ireland will actively defend the right to independence and the matter will not go off until early 2003.

To see a lion sleeping on a huge bed - this dream symbolizes the consolidation of the position of the European states and the safe dominance of the new currency - the euro.

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To see a lion in a dream means a certain force that is outside of you. Defeating the lion means that you will be able to emerge victorious from any situation.

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To have anxiety; many lions - a date with an important person.

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If anyone sees in a dream that he has overcome a lion, to win over the enemy. Running from the lion to victory and fulfillment of desires.

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