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[If a beard is dreamed, it is a sign that you..]

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If a beard is dreamed, it is a sign that you will come across a person who has completely alien views on life. You will confront him in a fierce struggle for power, and perhaps as a result of it you will lose a lot.

If you saw a gray beard in a dream, there is a chance to face failures or quarrel with someone. Dreamed of a bearded woman? You are expected to meet, not very pleasant, and there is a possibility of getting very sick. If you are pulled by a beard in a dream, you will find yourself in such circumstances when you have to take a lot of risks, and because of property issues. Beard, which is cherished and cherished - in real life a warning: your material well-being makes you very conceited, you look from high to your surroundings. And this behavior is unpleasant to your former friends. If a young woman dreamed that she cares for a beard, somewhere deep down she wants to end the celibacy vow, although she fears that marriage may fail.

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The appearance of a beard in a dream warns of the emergence of a competitor that you will not only not sympathize with, but much worse: it will cause only negative feelings. There is a possibility that you will challenge someone for power, fight for your influence, but the results will not please you, as you will lose money. If the gray-haired beard is gray-haired, it is a sign of the future unpleasant turns in your destiny. Sleep, where you are a woman with a beard, can be regarded as a warning sign: you can get sick and contact dubious personalities. If in your sleep you are pulled by a beard, in real life there is a possibility to sacrifice property in order to save yourself from risk. Actively comb your beard, incidentally admiring it, be more modest, because along with material prosperity your vanity grows by leaps and bounds. And the moment is not far off when your friends turn away from you because of this. If a young woman has a dream, where she praises someone's beard, soon she will want to get married. But it is not necessary to hurry in this matter, since the candidate for husbands can not meet many criteria of a good husband.

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If in a dream the beard is seen as long, the same will be the glory and honor in real life. And, on the contrary, a short beard testifies to a lack of attention to you, low self-esteem and impaired self-esteem. I dreamed that I plucked my beard, or you would repent of something in some way, or you would be too scattered with money.

If a woman is a bearded woman in her dream, then her husband, who has been away for a long time, will suddenly return. And vice versa, if he is at home, then he will leave her for a while. If a woman who has seen such a dream is a widow, it is likely that she will be married again. If a woman who sees herself as a bearded woman in a dream expects a child, she will have a son. If a woman already has a son, he will be reckoned as the elder in their kind. If a small child dreams a dream, in which he has a beard, this is a bad omen. A kid can die before becoming an adult. If you could paint your own beard in a dream, and paint in a certain distinct color, for example, henna, then the person who dreamed of such a dream, dressed in expensive rich outfits. If the paint in the dream is smeared, blurred, and it is impossible to determine or it is very difficult to attribute it to a certain color (for example, lime and dirt), then such a person is expected to have difficulties even in the search for the most common everyday clothing. If I dreamed that my beard suddenly turned white, this is a sign of the upcoming promotion, high position, glory and honor. If a dense beard was dreamed, with a lot of hair, then the dream is interpreted depending on the status of the person to whom he dreamed. For a merchant, a seller, a favorable sleep, will increase his capital. But, and the poor will have even more debts.

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