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[If you open a box of goods in a dream - it..]

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To dream an empty box - if you are a woman, then you have a complex of a large member. This means that you evaluate your partners on a single criterion - the size of this body, while all other possible dignities for you remain outside of attention. Well - your case, but in this way you severely limit the possibility of getting new emotions, yes, in general. . . Men with a modest member are often much more tender lovers than sex giants. To put in a box some things - you are so carefully preparing for the upcoming meeting with a nice person, so expect positive emotions, that, unfortunately, nothing will happen - or you will not meet at all due to some circumstances, or quarrel because of a mere trifle. Rummaging in a box in search of something - what you have in sex, it seems you are not sufficient, you want something new, unexplored. Do not get hung up on the bottoms of novelty, because so you risk losing what is available. If you are dreaming of a mail box, then you will soon be waiting for news from someone who lives away from you, but the relationship between you is still very warm.

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If you open a box with goods in a dream - it portends inexpressible riches and delightful trips to distant countries with happy impressions. If the box is empty, then wait for disappointments in business. In a dream to see a box full of money - says about the imminent release of business concerns and a pleasant vacation.

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If you see an open box of goods in a dream, then you will find great wealth. In addition, your share will be interesting trips to distant countries. If the box is empty, then disappointment is waiting for you. To see in a dream a box full of money predicts that you will decide for a while to forget about business and to retire.

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