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[If you dream that you are sick, then in reality..]

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If you dream that you are sick, then in reality there is a chance to get sick, feel unwell or take part in an unpleasant conversation. If a young woman dreams that she was a victim of an incurable disease, then in real life there will be reasons that will convince her of the privileges of an unmarried position. The appearance in a dream of a sick relative portends an unpleasant event for your home and family well-being. If in a dream there is such a disease as rabies, fear of water, then you will have to face intrigues of enemies. The dream in which you are bitten by an animal infected with rabies warns: a close person from whom you do not expect anything like this can deceive you or betray you. Dreaming of typhoid fever is also a harbinger of danger from your ill-wishers and a signal about the need to take care of your health. And the plot of sleep, in which typhus rages on an epidemiological scale, promises an unfavorable future for your business.

If you are sick with dropsy in a dream, there is a hope for a speedy recovery from a disease in reality.

If another person is sick in your dream, you will rejoice in the good news. Suffering from gangrene in a dream does not bode well in the near future. It seems that you or your family suffer from dysentery, this is a bad sign.

It is worth paying more attention to their business, since the probability of failure is associated with someone's careless attitude toward their duties. If in your dream you see yourself crazy, the results of your work will be extremely low, or you will get very sick, and this illness will negatively affect your future, and further planning your life and career. It was a dream that they got jaundice, problems that previously were considered insoluble, can be safely managed. If someone else is sick with jaundice in your sleep, you will be disappointed in your partners and partners, and also be ready for not very bright prospects.

Crying sick in a dream your child is a favorable sign. Such a dream ensures that you stop worrying about your child all the time, and a favorable atmosphere, peace, harmony and understanding between all members of the family will reign in the house. Gout dreams of irritation caused by unreasonably stubborn behavior of one of your loved ones, which can lead to losses in the material plan.

Infection with leprosy in a dream is interpreted as a harbinger of a serious illness that threatens not only your health, but also promises a loss of money. Moreover, many people who are in your circle of communication will be unhappy with you.

If people who fall ill with this dangerous disease figure in your dream, this is a more favorable sign. Your business will go uphill and there will be a gap in love relationships, which will even embarrass you a little. The cure of a cancer patient in your dream dreams about success in business matters and material benefits. To get sick with cancer in a dream is to quarrel with a beloved in reality. As a rule, a person who has dreamed of this can become a victim of depression and let his affairs run on his own. There is also a chance to cool down a little to the subject of your love, or to feel fear and anxiety. To see in a dream a universal epidemic of cholera, it means that in real life there is a likelihood that a viral illness will cause a lot of trouble, you expect anxiety, sadness, despondency. In general, any dream associated with a disease indicates that you need to be more sensitive to the needs of your body, to take better care of your health.

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According to Vanga's predictions, a dream about a disease does not necessarily portend tragic events. The Bible treats diseases as punishments that are sent to people for sins, illnesses are necessary to purify the physical condition, moral qualities, so that people's thoughts and actions are more "pure." For a person, the disease symbolizes the need to revise its value system, to look at life in a different way. The dream in which you suffer from a serious illness indicates that you really did not do well, but now you are tormented in this way. A loved one who is afflicted with a disease, your family expects more support and attention from you. If you dreamed of crowds of people standing on scorched earth, and dying of diseases right on the street, then soon there will be an ecological catastrophe, which will begin with the use of bacteriological weapons of mass destruction. There is a chance that you will be an eyewitness of such events. If in your dream you went on the mend, in reality you can overcome the problem situations. If you dreamed that a person close to you died, becoming a victim of a serious illness, you will have personal problems or you will spoil relations with people who care about you.

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A dream associated with a disease usually visits when you are in danger of trouble signaling health problems to someone in your family. Such a dream can also inform about the upcoming quarrels. If you feel sick in a dream, in real life you should be very vigilant. To dream of a loved one or a loved one in a painful state means being ready for an event in your life that could disturb the peace and tranquility of your family. Often, such a dream precedes the disease. For a woman, a dream about her illness portends disappointment that a meeting with someone important did not take place.

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To the chagrin.


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