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[If you dreamed as you pass through the door, go..]

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If you dream about how you go through the door, enter somewhere, this dream should be seen as a harbinger of your vain attempts to cope with enemies and slanderers, get rid of them. If for many dreams you dream the same door, which is the only one, and this door from your childhood, for example, from your family's home, in the near future you will be surrounded by happiness and care, and spending time among kindred souls. If during the course of your sleep you see not the door at night, but still in the pouring rain, you will have to deal with various antics that you can not forgive, and you also expect frivolous meetings. If in a dream you observe how others enter or leave the doors, then you have to overcome the probable difficulties during the arrangement of your affairs, putting them in order.

If such a dream is dreaming peasants or political figures, then it is considered very unfavorable for them, since it carries a lot of bad omens and signs. If, according to the plot of the dream, the door suddenly flies off the hinges at the moment when you conceived to close it and tried to do it, and if it still hurts someone, hurting this person, then, in reality your friends are in danger.

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If in a dream you have to open a door to someone, be careful about your enemies, they intend to slander you. The door of the parents' house in a dream portends that in the near future you will prosper, live in abundance. If a woman opens a door in her dream, and it happens on a rainy time in the evening, then she will flirt and behave frivolously. And for a man, such a dream serves as a warning: there is a possibility that he will go bankrupt, or he will be met by chance. If in your dream other people are engaged in entering the door, in real life you will not be able to arrange your affairs properly. If a writer sees a similar picture in a dream, then for him he is a bad omen: his last work will not have success with the public, he is expected to fail. If, according to the plot of your dream, the door is torn off from the hinges at the slightest attempt to close it, while it hurts or hurts someone, it means that your friends will run into trouble because you gave them unreasonable advice.

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If you can not find the right door in your dream, you will have to face obstacles in the sphere of your affairs.

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