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[To see a stray dog ​​in a dream is a bad sign...]

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A dog is a symbol of devotion.

To see a stray dog ​​is a warning that it is easy to lose money acquired and saved up in 2006.

To see an absolutely white huge dog is a symbol of the deterioration of the situation in industry and the standard of living in general, which is expected in the winter in the northern states.

Seeing a dog with a sleeping snake at its feet is a sign that an alliance will be made in 2001 that no one expected or predicted, but it will be as durable as dog loyalty and productive as the wisdom of a snake.

Seeing a person in the guise of a dog is a symbol of new discoveries about the snowman and his closest genetic relatives.

To see a dog negotiating with a whale is a symbol of the fact that the use of the most powerful lethal weapons will be put on a new legislative basis that will help to establish a real balance in the world.

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dream book Wangi

To see a stray dog ​​in a dream is a bad sign. Such a dream is a warning that your friend is currently in a very difficult situation. He does not ask you for help just because he does not want to burden you with his problems. If you dreamed of an absolutely white dog, then in real life you can always count on the help of your close friend. Sometimes this dream predicts a meeting with an old friend, whom you have not seen for many years. If you saw a black dog in a dream, then in reality you will have a bitter disappointment in a man whom you have long considered to be your friend. In a difficult moment, he not only turns his back on you, but also uses your secrets to publicly discredit your good name. Seeing in a dream a dog of gigantic proportions is evidence that in the future you will have an acquaintance with a man who will later become your great friend. Sometimes such a dream prophesies the support of his old friend. Feeding a dog in a dream is a sign that you can be relied on in real life. You are an independent and serious person, and that is why people around you respect and love you. If you dreamed of a wounded or killed dog, then such a dream is a bad omen. Soon you will receive very bad news about a deadly disease or even the death of your very good friend. If in a dream you are protected by a dog, then in reality you are under the protection of higher forces. You have nothing to be afraid of, because you are guarded by guardian angels who follow all your thoughts and actions from heaven. If you are attacked by a dog, then this dream says that in real life you will have an early meeting with the black forces. The servants of Satan will try to make your life unbearable, causing you one misfortune after another. If you repel the attack of the dog, then you will be able to resist the forces of evil, but this will happen only if you seek help from God.

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dream book Lunar

A faithful friend, a dog's bite is the betrayal of a friend; beckon - talk with a friend; canine caresses - secrets, enemy intent.

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Seeing a dog - to the appearance of a weak enemy, and barking a dog means accusation from gossips. If anyone sees that the dog has torn his dress or bit him, it means that his enemy has an intention to fight him.

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Dreams - before meeting with a true friend; sometimes - to troubles and explanations.

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