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[To see in a dream the eagle hovering over you -..]

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If you dreamed of an eagle that soared high in the sky, this indicates that at the moment you are concerned about the situation. You can not decide in the choice to whom to give preference - the current partner or the former. Do not forget that in this situation you begin to idealize the old partner and imagine a possible future with him in pink tones. In the current partner you are looking for some flaws, and that's why it seems to you not very good.

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To see in a dream the eagle hovering over you - presages you a desperate struggle for the embodiment of your lofty goals; Nevertheless, the struggle will end with your victory and the achievement of the desired. If in a dream you observe an eagle circling high in the sky, sleep awaits you the acquisition of all the benefits that are possible. To see the nest with the eagle chicks is the foretaste of your strong business friendship with influential people and good luck in business. In a dream, killing an eagle is a sign of your extraordinary determination to overcome all the obstacles that prevent you on your way up. Eating an eagle meat - testifies to the enormous strength of your character, which will help you to stand in any trial and not retreat before the threat of death.

To see someone killed by an eagle is a premonition of a fateful event that will take away all your conquests from you. To sit on the back of an eagle - to an interesting journey to distant little-studied lands, where you will learn and acquire a lot.

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The black falcon, the eagle, the royal falcon, the kite and the gyrfalcon mean the powerful and powerful king. To see any harm from these birds means trouble on the part of the king, and whoever sees in the dream the pleasure received from these birds will experience the joy of the king.

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To fulfill desires.

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