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[Passing the exam in a dream - someone in your..]

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dream book Freud

Passing the exam in a dream - someone in your help needs someone very close to you. In real life, you feel that this person (if you know who exactly is meant) needs support, but for some reason it is not dared to render anyway. If you are dreaming that you are taking an exam from someone - even if you are very tempted in love affairs, do not take on the role of a critic if something is non-existent. Not everyone is so lucky with the opportunities to improve their erotic. Mastery. Get high marks on the exam - in your life comes a quiet period, you can rest and do not worry about anything. Try to use the period of calm, so that you can start dealing with new forces. If in a dream you get a bad mark on the exam - you are too serious about someone else's opinion about their sexual abilities. Perhaps this is due to the fact that one day your partner allowed himself to speak out sharply about how he evaluates sex with you. Never mind: in the end, even if you had to buy a not very fresh bread in a bakery once in a lifetime, it does not mean that there is no fresh bread.

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If you dream that during the exam you forgot the material you learned, then in reality you do not have enough self-confidence and own strength, which often causes many troubles. If you successfully pass the exam in a dream, then it is possible that in life you are considered a loser, although you yourself do not agree with this. Just everyone has his own way and his own scale of values. The dream in which you use cheat sheets on the exam means that you have decided to get involved in some kind of adventure. If you managed to use the cheat sheet, then in reality everything will turn out well. If the cheat sheet only spoiled everything, then think about the justification of the risk.

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dream book Lunar

Success after long troubles.

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