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[If you dreamed of a god, such a dream is..]

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dream book Miller

If you dreamed of a god, such a dream is considered unfavorable. He predicts that a woman possessing tyrannical character can exert influence on you and even exercise her authority towards you.

If God talks to you in a dream, you should be on your guard. In reality, you can be accused of something and condemned.

In this case, things will also fail. Such a dream warns that health can be shaken, and among the most tragic interpretations of such a dream is a sudden death.

A praying god who is praying speaks of your repentance and sincere regret for what you did.

If you understand by the plot of the dream that God is attuned to you favorably, you will be favored by a very influential person who will help you succeed.

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The awakened God warns that there is a risk of being fascinated by a woman who will play a fateful role in your destiny. If in a dream God is talking with you, be attentive to your health, problems with it are possible. Also be prepared for the fact that someone will question the correctness of your actions and will condemn your actions. Dreamed the process of worship? Probably, you strongly repent of the perfect error. If God treats you graciously in your dream, then in reality you will have powerful patrons.

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dream book Muslim

If you dreamed of the divine appearance of the Glorious and Most High True God, and also the accompanying beautiful light, then your affairs concerning religious matters and worldly worries will be successful. And in the place where such a dream appeared, there will be more justice, virtues and many earthly goods. If in a dream a person has witnessed how the Most High True God considers and evaluates his deeds, then he will experience some kind of joy. And in the event that he travels, he is waiting for a successful return home, in good health. To see a dream in which you address prayers to the Supreme Lord is to be glorified in the affairs of religion and worldly deeds. Such a person expects greatness, closeness to the one who commands. But if in a dream the Most High and True God is angry with a person, one must be cleansed of sins, repented before the Lord in humility.

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