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[If in a dream you are treated to grapes, then..]

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The dream of the grapes testifies to your voluptuous nature, is a symbol of pleasure. Therefore, if in your dream you are fond of grapes, this indicates the fact that you are paying special attention to sexual relations, they play a special role in your life. Often, the bed is everything that really worries you, you do not pay so much attention to other issues. In general, and with all issues relating to the family, conflict situations, problems, you have made it a rule to manage it in bed. Well. . this is your method, and it seems to work well, but there is a danger that sooner or later it will stop arranging your second half, and then you will need to learn how to settle conflicts by other conciliatory methods.

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If in a dream you are treated to grapes, then great worries and problems will make you stronger. However, if in a dream you saw a bunch of grapes, which are very abundantly hanging among the leaves, then in the near future you will be able to achieve a high social status, which will allow you to make other people happy. If such a dream is a dream for a young woman, it should be seen as something promising, as she will be able to realize her most cherished desire. Traveling on horseback, driving through vineyards, tearing and tasting grapes, - get a profitable job, a profitable position, fulfill a secret dream. If the grapes in the dream turned out to be unpleasant to the taste, then such a dream is a harbinger of future fears, doubts, perplexities related to your affairs and concerns. But step by step you can find harmony, peace of mind.

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If in a dream you eat grapes, in reality you will be able to cope with the difficulties that have fallen to your lot. Moreover, thanks to them you will become stronger, temper your character. The dream, in which the vines of the grapes appear, which bend from the weight of the clusters, promises that you will deserve public recognition. If a young woman sees such a dream, then she has a chance to get married successfully, and also to realize her desires. If in your dream you pass by a vineyard and literally on the run try ripe grapes, tearing it from clusters, means, you will smile fortune. And if the grapes do not justify your hopes, being rotten or immature, then you will doubt whether you have acted correctly in this or that situation.

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