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[For a woman, a dream in which she combed her..]

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For a woman, the dream in which she combed her hair, which seemed to her magnificent, is an indication of the performance of rash acts and of a quick repentance in them.

Poverty and lack of success in business promises a man a dream in which he appeared before him balding. To such a lamentable result will result in unjustified magnanimity.

To see yourself in a dream with gray hair is not the most favorable sign, but rather, on the contrary, a sorrowful one. But if you saw yourself covered (oh) hair - wait for forgiveness and mercy. However, for a woman, this dream is a symbol of the transfer of attention to oneself, and as a result - the cultivation of one's own ego and the need to fulfill all whims, by all means, even by compromising with moral principles.

Did you dream that you have black and curly hair? So, in life you are prepared to fall into a love trap, you will not find it very difficult to get into it. Golden hair in a dream is a sign of the worthiness and courage of the person you chose as your second half.

For a man who, in a dream, drew attention to the hair of his chosen one, who turned red - a premonition of serious changes in relations with her.

Are your hair brown? Try to be more attentive (oh) at work, because in the near future you will face a string of service failures.

If in a dream you happened to see your hairstyle incredibly beautiful, in reality in some business you will be lucky and you will be able to take advantage of a successful turn.

Too short haircut promises you problems from wastefulness, most likely, if you continue to behave in this way, then you risk incurring misfortune.

Lush and soft hair in a dream - fortunately, while it will be unlimited.

In the case when a woman sees in her dream a light and dark hair on her head, in life she will strongly doubt any question. Also this dream says that she needs to exercise maximum caution.

Failure promises a dream with matted and sloppy hair.

If a man in love has a dream of gray people, then he (her) will have a rival (tsa) in the struggle for the heart of the beloved (go). For others, such a dream is a foretaste of unpleasant events. However, if you have turned gray in a dream, then in reality you should wait for meetings and trips, as well as comforting news.

A decent (a) beloved (aya) and happy personal life will be with someone who stroked someone's hair in a dream.

To see flowers in hair - to fast troubles, which, however, are unlikely to be able to greatly harm you and prevent.

Tests and troubles for women promise a dream, in which in her hair was a lot of white flowers. The only good thing is that they will not last long. However, she will need strong will and strong spirit.

The dream of a man who sees himself as young, but with gray hair, calls for caution. This is a warning of possible losses and illnesses.

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To see hair in a dream is a symbol of joy and honor. Did lice bother you during sleep? So you get a lot of money. However, if you combed yourself in a dream, then in reality you will lose money.

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For women, military men and young people, a dream with long, thick hair is a foretaste of wealth. Also, this dream says that your life will be long and happy. For other dreamers, this symbol speaks of anxiety and sorrow.

A dream of hair loss, but without the formation of a bald head, speaks of a release from the debt or anxiety that has long occupied you. After that, you will feel good and happy.

If during a dream on your dark head you noticed one white hair - soon your child will appear in your life, you can only be congratulated. However, for a woman such a dream is a foretaste of anxiety for the spouse.

Have you seen how someone cuts your hair? So, you have to lose what is given for temporary use (amonat). However, if such a dream was seen by a person who is not rich, then in reality he will have to say goodbye to poverty. Self-cutting hair in a dream is a sign that all your secrets will soon be discovered and your bosses will change.

For a woman to see a dream in herself with her head uncovered - the foreknowledge of the soon return of the missing husband at the moment. If such a dream dreams of an unmarried girl, this position will soon change. In the case when she saw how someone shears her hair, in reality she will get a divorce from her husband.

For a man a dream, during which he saw his wife with cropped hair - a foretaste of her infidelity.

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