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[If in a dream you see other people in hell, then..]

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If you see other people in hell in a dream, then soon, a certain threat looms over you and your loved ones, most likely, serious troubles await you, the exit from which will take away a lot of your mental strength. Seeing yourself in hell is a symbol of the fact that in life you will depart from the righteous path and go on about temptations, which can finally ruin the soul and bring you to ruin.

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The dream of hell that is a symbol of the fact that you should leave sinful deeds, such a dream, says that you feel you are indebted to God. If you belong to the number of people who enjoy life's grace, such a dream can be a harbinger of travel. Return from hell back to returning from a journey or to a pious and righteous life that awaits the sleeper. In the case when you are tortured in hell, and you suffer terrible torments, you will suffer a lot and experience life's hardships. To see in a dream a terrible judgment - to the fact that an unfair person rules in the country of the sleeper. Answer the terrible court yourself - a symbol of the fulfillment of desires. If the sleeper is treated well during the response to the terrible court, then he expects progress in the affairs and the speedy fulfillment of desires. If he is called to answer strictly and with reproach, then the fulfillment of the desire will be prolonged, but, ultimately, it will be fulfilled to the full.

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