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[If during a dream you saw a louse, you know,..]

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If you saw a louse during sleep, you know, this dream speaks of a lot of sorrows and troubles that will sprinkle on you like a cornucopia. Also, this dream speaks of a strong sickness.

In the case when in a dream you noticed that the louse is hit by livestock, in life this dream speaks of hunger and loss.

Is there a louse on your body? Such a dream speaks of your unkind behavior towards old acquaintances.

To catch a louse in a dream is a disease, the value of which you will exaggerate.

In general, sleep with lice is a sign of quick feelings for one's health or well-being, because your enemies are activated.

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If you notice a louse in a dream, you know, in the near future you will have to see a doctor, since this dream has caused health problems. In addition, your enemies are now more active than ever, which, in the end, will spoil your nerves.

Worries, failures and illness will make people worried about those who have seen a lot of lice during sleep.

Caught a louse in a dream? Do not expect anything good, such a dream speaks of an impending illness.

Livestock, stricken with pediculosis in a dream, promises you a hungry year. Try to save some supplies.

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