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[Melons in a dream are harbingers of diseases and..]

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If during the dream you were treated to melons, such a dream indicates that you prefer sexual relations, that your partner gives you pleasure, that this is primarily his task, not yours. However, it is naive to believe that you should not give him satisfaction. This view is erroneous. And so if you make hints, tactfully letting you know about your desires and aspirations in an intimate life, do not take it as a kind of revelation. It turns out, from this moment on, intimacy for you passes from the field of pleasure to the field of certain duties or duties that you absolutely must perform as a homework. You should learn sex as pleasure, find something good in it, and then problems will be eliminated. If you are able to cut a melon into several pieces in a dream, this indicates that in reality you simply have the talent to draw orgasm from yourself and your partner or partner in order to prolong the moment of pleasures and pleasures. A lot of time and ingenuity you have to go to the preliminary caresses that stimulate orgasm and often there are situations that orgasm comes much faster than you are directly embarking on sexual intercourse. In addition, you have the ability to quickly restore your strength.

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Melons in a dream are harbingers of diseases and unhappy risky businesses in business matters, in business. If you eat them, then the rashness of your actions will entail moments for experiences, anxieties. If you dream of melons that grow in the garden or garden, such a dream should be explained as something favorable. Sooner or later your problem situations, possible troubles in the future will bring good luck.

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Melon, pumpkin is quite a favorable dream, since it promises the sleeper to find a new friend, to create friendly relations with someone.

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