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[To see in a dream that you have found money..]

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To see in a dream that you have found money means small anxieties, but great happiness. Follow the changes. To pay money is to failure.

Receiving gold is a great prospect and unlimited joy.

To lose money means that you will go through unhappy hours in your house and in service you are in for trouble. To count your money and discover a shortage is a sign that you will have trouble with payments. To see in a dream that you have stolen money means that you are in danger and should follow your actions more closely. Saving money is a sign of wealth and comfort. Seeing in a dream that you are swallowing money, heralds the appearance of your vested interest. To reckon a large amount of money means that your well-being and happiness are within your reach. To see in a dream that you have found a pack of currency, but a young woman claims her rights, means that you are threatened with losses in business because of the interference of a person close to you. Seen this dream can find that he spends his money and lives beyond his means. This dream is a warning! Do not irritate your mind with fruitless fantasies, because the collapsed house of cards also bitterly depresses the heart.

To see in a dream small coins means dissatisfaction in business. We should expect trouble in the service, and loved ones and friends will complain about, insufficient attention from your side.

Having lost small money in a dream, you will experience slight disregard for yourself and failure. The money found promises favorable prospects. If you count coins in a dream - this means that you will be practical and thrifty. Seeing in a dream that you took money in debt, predicts to you an ambivalent position: you will appear to others better than you are, but it will not satisfy you. Spending other people's money promises that you will be caught in a petty deceit and you will lose a friend.

Faking money in a dream is a very bad omen. To ask for money on loan means the emergence of new concerns with an imaginary sense of well-being.

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Finding money in a dream is evidence that one of the people around you is preparing a great evil against you. Do not take other people's things, even if they lie unattended in a remote place, for it is through them that unclean people are spoiling the people of good believers. If you dream that you receive money, then the surrounding people see in you a generous, kind person who is always ready to help in difficult moments of life. To dream of torn money is a bad omen. Torn money symbolizes poverty, hunger and robbery. Perhaps in the future you will lose all your savings as a result of a robbery attack committed on your house. If you dreamed of money in a dream, then in real life you are a very petty person. You need to reconsider your attitude to money, because they will never replace human relations. Pulling money in a dream to someone - in a short time you will need a lot of money to successfully complete the business started.

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The dream in which you found money means that small problems and problems will be replaced by success. Sleep in which you give money - to failure. If on the contrary get (especially gold) - to wealth and prosperity. Lose money - to problems in business and turmoil in the family.

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