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[If in your dreams you stroll among the nettle,..]

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If in your dreams you stroll among the nettle, without risking getting burned - you will succeed. If you are burned by it - you will be unhappy with yourself and make others unhappy. If a young woman sees a dream in which she walks through the nettle thickets - it heralds that she will receive several offers of marriage from various men and, when making the decision, she will experience restless premonitions. Seeing a nettle in a dream is a sign that predicts bad things: lack of resources and disobedient children.

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If you dreamed that you are walking in nettle thickets, but it does not burn you, then reality will be favorable to you. If in a dream you burn with nettles, then in real life your discontent with yourself will cause a lot of problems to your relatives. For a young woman, the dream in which she makes her way through the nettle thickets predicts that she will have many worthy fans who want to see her as her husband and she will hesitate for a long time, trying to make the right decision.

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