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[To dream a pit - despite all your efforts, the..]

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To dream a pit - despite all your efforts, the secret will soon become obvious, and you will suffer for being hidden for so long. Of course, the first thing that comes to mind with this explanation is treason, infidelity towards the partner in marriage. However, this is not necessary. It may well be that once you had the experience of same-sex love, but then you were ashamed of what happened and nobody began to talk about it. So, what you saw in the dream is symbolizing the fact that everything will come out. If in a dream you fall into a pit, then you are standing on the threshold of some not quite good from the point of view of the generally accepted morality of the act. Maybe you got acquainted with a person who you really liked, and you would like to go to more informal forms of communication? You are stopped only by one large but - your responsibilities to the spouse (or spouse). Jumping over a hole - in an intimate life you and your partner have a problem, but it seems difficult to discuss it. Thus, every time you reach a difficult place, try to make a view that nothing like this is happening, that everything seems to be in order. You jump over the problem, as if through a pit that you dreamed. If you dream that someone is sitting in a pit, then you have some kind of sadistic, you want to own and rule in bed. Well - it's fine if your partner likes to obey.

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If in a dream you dig a hole, then in reality you have to do work that does not cause you the slightest enthusiasm. If you dreamed that you fell into a pit, then in real life you should be very careful not to be trapped by your enemy. If you fell into a pit, dug by you, then, perhaps, your hopes that you can outwit the enemies, is not allowed to come true. You may dream a dream in which you are standing on the edge of a pit and throwing a pebble into it to determine the depth, but the pit turns out to be bottomless. Such a dream means that you intend to get involved in some kind of adventure, not being sure that the risk is justified. Try again to weigh the pros and cons.

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To great danger.

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