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[In a dream to see yourself playing with a small..]

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In a dream to see yourself playing with a small puppy - you are waiting for some unusual gift from a loved one. And it is not necessary that this is a puppy, a gift can be of a different kind. Choosing a puppy in the market - a person to whom you are committed soul and body, is insincere with you on the face of it, behind your back he dissolves gossip about you. If you dream that you found a street puppy on the street, then you need to help a person in great need in every respect. Most importantly, do not be afraid of responsibility and provide support on time. To see yourself as the smallest carefree puppy - you are tired of problems, you need to retire and stay a little alone. This will be a reliable way to get better at your own thoughts and feelings. A man to dream of a few puppies near their mother - you will meet a woman who will strongly remind you of your mother, and, in addition to your will, you will experience a new sexual attraction for a new acquaintance. If such a dream was seen by a woman, then she will meet a nice young man who will like her very much. Please note - the subject of sympathy will be much younger than her.

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If you dreamed that you started in a puppy's house, in real life you will face the need to solve a lot of urgent problems that will not only take your time, but also interfere with your basic work. For a young woman, the dream in which she plays with the puppy means that deep down she dreams of procreation. If she is not alone, she even knows whom she would like to see as the father of a child.

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Unexpected friend.

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