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[A crow in a dream is a harbinger of sad events...]

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dream book Freud

The appearance of a crow in a dream can be due to the fact that for your relationship with a loved one, an external manifestation is now characteristic, while the inner remains unattended.

Your intimate relationships are impeccable, they are bright and passionate, but you do not think about true feelings towards your partner. Most likely, now you are enjoying the novelty and passionate desire, however, what is behind them? Thinking once about this, you are just beginning to understand that everything is good only in bed, but when you try to just talk, you do not find common themes and interests. Such a dream says that in reality you are connected only by sex.

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dream book Miller

A crow in a dream is a harbinger of sad events. Crying bird is a sign that you are being adversely affected, as a result of which you are making erroneous actions.

For a man, this is a warning. Most likely, intrigues are woven against you, and mostly, women are busy with it.

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dream book Wangi

To see a crow in a dream is a sad sign that does not show any good to the dreamer. His appearance promises misfortunes and misfortunes.

A flock of crows, in abundance circling in the air, speaks of the beginning of a serious military conflict, as a result of which many people will die. This event will become a real mourning for people, while the battlefield is a feast for crows.

Death will take place in the house of the one who saw in the dream a screaming crow. However, if the dreamer (s) will pray, he (a) will be able to take the trouble.

If, during sleep, you notice crows building nests in trees - you know, soon you will come across a disease that affects people and animals. It will force people to abandon animal food. Salvation must be sought in water, herbs. Also, one should not forget the healing power of prayer and mercy.

A bad year promises a dream about crows completely covering the earth (field). As a result of the crop failure, the price of bread will rise and without finding grain, many birds will die, although they will be saved if they migrate to the southeast, where the harvest promises to be extremely rich.

Did the crow kill in a dream? The illness of someone close will be so severe that it will be fatal. Your efforts and medicines will be powerless. The only thing you can do is show mercy and compassion, brightening up the last days of the dying person. It seems to you that death is bad, but the disease will so dry up the person and tire that for him it will become a great good, moreover he will know it, and you should accept this state of affairs.

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dream book Correct

Grief and failure await the person who saw the crow during sleep. Barking birds talk about the impact on you of other people, it will provoke you to an unsuccessful disposal of their property. For a man, such a dream is a sign that he is at risk of falling for tricks and intrigues on the part of women around him.

Significant changes in the fate of the sleeper (her) promises a dream in the course of which you happened to see the old crow. If this kind of dream is seen by a young woman, she is threatened with parting with her lover. Most likely, he will be the initiator and leave it.

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dream book Lunar

Did you notice the crow in a dream? Soon you will become a mother.

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