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[The appearance of a rope in a dream promises..]

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The appearance of a rope in a dream promises certainty in the fate of a person who dreamed of such a dream. To observe in a dream how the rope is torn, means, in fact, it is necessary to prepare for a serious danger that threatens you. Moreover, it will be possible to overcome it provided that you are vigilant and will be prudent. If you have to tie knots on a rope - this is a warning: you are dealing with a dubious company. These people will give you big trouble, and the best way out in such a situation is to stop relations with them. To see a long rope in a dream is to live a long time, but not carelessly. You should be careful not to risk unnecessarily, so a long life is given to a person for a reason. If you unravel the rope, untie the many knots that are on it, in the near future you will be able to free yourself from the influence on the bad person, and this will radically change your life. This event will help you to uncover your abilities and talents to the end and realize what you are planning to do. Do you connect something with a rope? So, do not interfere in the fate of people in your environment. First, you do not have the right to do this. And secondly, your intervention is likely to turn against you. You will incur trouble, despite the same desire to change something and help to be sincere. You just have to accept the fact that this is not your destiny.

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If you were able to twist a rope in a dream, you will find yourself in a situation, it will not be easy to get out of it. You will be able to do this only thanks to a strong will and spirit of victory. If you hang your washed laundry on a rope in your dream, it's hard for you to give an unambiguous description. So people who know you very superficially, it will be difficult to understand how you find a demanding and even cruel person in a professional field, soft and caring - in everyday life, among family members. The dream, in which your hands are tied with a rope, indicates that some situation dominates you, and you can not do anything.

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