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[To see a shark in a dream is a sign that among..]

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The dream in which you see a shark warns that your partner is trying to enslave you, he likes the role of a leader and he (she) seeks to power you. You are not happy with this state of affairs, especially in the intimate sphere, because because of such treatment you can not get the maximum pleasure. You need to tell about your feelings to your partner and explain to him (her) what exactly you do not like. Such a conversation is necessary, because, most likely, your partner (partner) does not know about your dislike of the situation and does not suspect about your discontent.

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To see a shark in a dream is a sign that among your enemies there are formidable people who are capable of harming you. If sharks attack you and persecute, it is a sign that in life you will encounter failures that will break you and you will fall into despair, you will not be able to turn them off anyway, but you can easily transfer this period of your life. In the case when you see in the dream that sharks, being formidable predators, frolic in pure water, this dream warns you that there is an envious person in your environment who is ready to harm you, thereby breaking your emotional balance. Also, this dream is a symbol of the fact that you are in a women's society and you are comfortable and calm from such a life, and this is precisely the calm that the envious person tries to break. In case you see a dead shark in a dream, in reality you are waiting for well-being and peace.

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In general, to dream of a shark in the dream is a sign that in life you have a formidable enemy who should beware. To dream of a shark attacking you is a symbol of the fact that life expects problems for you. If you dream that sharks carelessly spend time in clear water - this is an indication that your envious people can influence how you perceive the opposite sex, most likely, you will be surrounded by gossip and rumors. If you see a dead shark in a dream, then in reality you will be able to compensate for all your losses and restore your previous position.

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