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[Stars are a symbol of higher will, higher..]

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dream book Nostradamus

Stars are a symbol of higher will, higher knowledge.

Watch in a dream behind a falling star - the prophecy of a happy life, the fulfillment of all the most cherished desires, the fulfillment of which you did not even expect.

If you dream of a lot of falling stars, then in the future on Earth will be a strong hail, which completely destroys agricultural crops. For a whole year the mankind of the Earth will starve.

To see scarlet stars in a dream is a sign that in the future a great man will come to power in Russia, which will lift this state from the ruins and make it the most powerful power in the whole world. The scarlet stars symbolize Kremlin stars in this dream.

If you dream that you are flying to a star, then in the future you will become a participant in a space expedition to another planet. Perhaps such a dream prophesies the discovery of life on another planet.

To observe in a dream stars among the white day is clear evidence that in the future decent people will come to power who will achieve peace between all states once and for all. All peoples will live in full harmony. To a dreamer such a dream prophesies acquaintance with authoritative people.

To see a lot of small stars in a dream means that in the future you will receive some news from the USA. Perhaps, such a dream prophesies that the events that will occur in the United States will shake the whole world. A lot of small stars in this dream are the asterisks, located on the American flag, symbolizing the fifty states of America.

If you dream that all the stars in the sky have disappeared, then this is a foretaste of a serious cosmic catastrophe that may occur in the distant future. The fault of this will be the collapsed planet Phaethon, the debris of which pose a real threat to many planets.

Watch in a dream behind the reflection of a star in the water - to a great discovery. A hitherto unknown planet, inhabited by living beings similar to man, will be found. To the dreamer such a dream prophesies a great discovery in the field of knowledge that he is engaged in.

To see a bright star in a dream is a sign that a star like the Sun will be found. It is she who will illuminate our Earth in the distant future.

To feel the cold coming from the star in a dream is an omen of eternal winter. Most likely there will come times when the Earth will be covered with ice for several millennia.

To see the sky with a single, but very bright star - means that in ten years your destiny will stand out among others and gain a value comparable to the discovery of a new planet.

Seeing a strong starfall is a symbol of the fact that a conceived project can be implemented only after many years.

To be in the place of the fall of the star is a dream, foreshadowing a catastrophe, which will surprise many very many.

To open a new star - this dream means that in ten lunar cycles you will experience something that will greatly affect you.

To study the star map and impose on it the travel route - this dream is a sign of the development of the ecological crisis and the growth of migration rates from especially dangerous territories.

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A lot of happiness, true love; extinguishing - death of relatives, medal star - honor.

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