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[Wandering in a dream over swampy terrain is..]

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Dream of the swamp warns that you will be drawn into the "marsh" situation with a person, you should not have a relationship with them at all. He presses on you, and you can not resist his influence. Moreover, you are also frightened by the fact that if you release it now, you will be left with nothing. And in the absence of the best you can be content with this option.

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Wandering in a dream over the swampy terrain is dreaming about future problems, there is a chance to get into an unpleasant situation. With such a dream, you should not expect that the potential inheritance will get to you. In addition, you can be disappointed in love affairs.

However, if in a dream you walk around the swamp and meet on your way islets of clear puddles and green hills, then everything is not lost, and luck will still smile at you when you reach your cherished goal. And having achieved the desired, you will simply need to show more attention to the potential intrigues and intrigues of your enemies.

Dreamed that hit the heart of the swamp, then, the performance of duty you are too tough. If in your dream other people are in the swamp, you should be prepared for the fact that your relatives will bring grief to you. Similar can dream and to illness.

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Seeing yourself walking through a swamp in a dream is about dealing with unexpectedly arising obstacles that relate to personal matters.

If you had to drown in a swamp - in real life, you are waiting for strong shocks, which will cause the betrayal and ugly deeds of your friends. If in the process of sleep you save someone from the swamp, then all the potential of your possibilities has not yet been used. If your sleep is covered in ice, then such a dream can be treated more globally. For example, the surrounding nature is fragile and vulnerable to the power of modern civilization.

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dream book Correct

To see the swamp in a dream is an unfavorable omen. Crossing through marshy space, bog and mud warns that you can get sick if you continue to tire, get nervous and get upset. Sleep also means that you can suffer as a result of inadequate behavior of a person close to you. If in your sleep you walk around the swampy territory, in reality circumstances may turn against you. Also, such a dream is interpreted differently in specific situations. If you expect an inheritance, it's likely not you. Also, if such a dream was dreamed of a man in love, he can mean that the object of his passion will make a choice not in his favor. If in the bog you still have green hummocks and clearings with clear water, not everything is so terrible: in your power to cope with all the machinations and obstacles and achieve prosperity.

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