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[If you dream that you are thirsty - then you are..]

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dream book Freud

If you dreamed about how you felt thirsty - it means that in real life, unmet sexual desires will be unleashed. It is possible that for some reason you for a long time abstain from a relationship with a constant partner (partner) that you do not want to change. One way or another, a dream of thirst depicts your longing for sex. And it's possible that you have such a situation when you want, but you can not.

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dream book Miller

If you dream that you are thirsty, then you are striving for something that is not available to you now, but if you in a dream quench your thirst by drinking a pleasant and tasty drink. Your desires will be achieved. If you see other thirsty and quench your thirst - then. You will enjoy the location and affection of rich and powerful people.

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dream book Wangi

Sleep, in which you brede under the scorching rays of the sun in search of water, means that all your thoughts and feelings are directed solely at the material side of life. Therefore, in reality you do not have enough spiritual communication and support. In a dream you quench your thirst with cold spring water - this is a sign of spiritual purification and forgiveness. You are thirsty, but the water you drink is muddy and dirty. This dream is a warning, because in real life you tend to get pleasure at any cost. In this dream, muddy and dirty water symbolizes such a terrible vice as drug addiction. You should be more careful, because you have a tendency to this terrible disease. You had a terrible drought, people are dying of thirst, as all the reservoirs have dried up and you can not find a single drop of water. For a drop of water you are ready to give anything. Thirst becomes unbearable, it seems that the mouth is full of heavy and hot sand. You only think about where to find at least a drop of life-giving moisture. This dream portends an ecological catastrophe. Every year, military technology is becoming more sophisticated, and sooner or later it can end in a catastrophe not only for mankind, but for the whole planet.

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dream book Correct

If you are thirsty in a dream, then in reality you are striving for an unattainable goal. However, if you managed to quench your thirst, then in reality you will get what you so passionately desired. If you dreamed that you see people eagerly drinking water, then waking you will help support the influential people.

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dream book Lunar

Thin ending of the matter; drinking is success in business.

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