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[The dream in which the tower appears, means that..]

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The dream in which the tower appears, means that you set high life goals.

Frustration is promised by a dream, during which you just came down from the tower, and it collapsed before your eyes. However, in case you climb a tower in a dream, such a dream should be interpreted as a foretaste of success in business.

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The tower seen in a dream is a symbol of power and power. The imprudent and untargeted use of the available power portends a dream with a tower disproportionately extended upwards. This dream can say that the sleeper (s) underestimates the opponents and overestimates their own influence and capabilities. In addition, this dream can predict the loss of influence and support from the masses.

If in a dream you saw a tower surrounded by obstacles and difficult to approach, awaiting you awaits acquaintance with an outstanding personality of high rank, it may be a famous politician or a businesswoman who achieved significant success.

Have you seen a tower fortified from all sides? Such a dream should be interpreted as a manifestation of influence and strength.

Change in politics and in other spheres of life promises a dream in which you saw a collapsing tower.

Armed attack on the tower in a dream means that you will witness the battle of two camps or two serious rivals in reality. Most likely, they will be equal opponents with a high level of influence. Such a clash will not pass without leaving a trace, it initiates consequences that will change a lot.

The tower with loopholes means that the power established in a particular society is based on fear and submission, such a dream speaks of a strong heat of passion and aggression, characteristic of this society.

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Overcoming obstacles, fulfilling dreams and exalting feelings symbolizes a dream in which the tower appears.

In particular, if in a dream you climb the tower with difficulty, before you and behind a set of steps - such a dream should be seen as evidence of the difficulties in achieving the goal.

A beautiful tower with subtle features is a symbol of that in reality you are overwhelmed by feelings and high aspirations.

To prudence and thought through decisions and actions, calls a dream in which you saw yourself among the wreckage of the tower. He says that a rash action will lead to the fact that you destroy your own happiness with your own hands.

Build a tower of sand in a dream, and it is washed with water? Know, your dreams and aspirations are unrealizable. All your actions will be in vain, it remains only to accept.

In the event that in a dream you jumped from a high tower and passed a terrible fate, in reality you have to make an important decision, the outcome of which will depend solely on your skills.

The social upheavals you will be involved in, promises a dream in which you wander for a long time in a dilapidated tower in search of an exit.

Independently built a tower in a dream? Stacked heavy stones? Evidence that in reality you are not afraid of obstacles, and you will overcome them all. Most likely, you are lucky enough and purposeful.

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Perfectionism and the pursuit of perfection symbolize a dream, during which you saw a tower that is large in size. Seeing yourself at the top of the tower in a dream is a sign that in reality you can achieve success in all undertakings. However, if in a dream you went up to the top of the tower and it collapsed right under your feet, keep in mind, in reality your dreams are not destined to become a reality.

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