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[The wolf, seen in a dream, warns you that there..]

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dream book Miller

The wolf, seen in a dream, warns you that in the work collective there is an employee who issues secrets of the firm, and this person can also be unclean by the hand.

Did you hear the howl of a wolf in a dream? In reality, your enemy is trying to discredit or slander you, but you will disclose his cunning and be able to win in an honest, competitive struggle.

You have in your life there are clever enemies, discrediting you, if in a dream you killed a wolf. You will be able not only to discredit all the rumors and adequately get out of the situation, but also to defeat ill-wishers.

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dream book Nostradamus

The symbol of the wolf personifies such qualities as courage, cruelty, independence and love of freedom, as well as struggle for life and death.

If you saw a wolf and a fox in a fight in a dream, then in reality such a dream says that between Russia and Ukraine there is a place of hostility, which at the moment is not obvious. However, it will worsen after the winter of 2006.

A wolf with a black coat is a symbol that a werewolf will appear in society, most likely, he will break the habitual way of life and make many people turn their eyes to God.

Have you seen a wolf in a red cap? This dream warns that Russia will face a dubious position at the meeting of countries, which will be held at the end of 2018. Most likely, the main problems will be: lack of strong arguments in defense of their position and insufficient material support.

The presence of a treacherous ally states a dream, during which you observed a wolf in sheep's clothing. Especially you need to be alerted if such a dream you saw in the year of the cock.

Sleep, during which you noticed a wolf feeding from human hands, warns that a maniac who held many people in fear will finally be convicted and imprisoned.

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dream book Correct

A wolf in a dream is a symbol of your trust in a person who does not have a noble attitude toward you. Most likely, he (she) will betray you at the first opportunity.

The wolf was killed in a dream? This is a good sign of your quick victory over the enemy, seeking to disgrace you.

To hear the howl of a wolf in a dream is a sign of the soon revealing of the secret union of your enemies against you. You will be able not only to disclose their plans, but you will be able to dispel all their machinations.

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dream book Muslim

Have you seen a wolf in a dream? So your country is ruled by a cruel king. The fox is a symbol of a cunning and resourceful person, prone to deceit and shady games.

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dream book Slavic

To quarrel with those who are stronger than you; fight wolves - to battle; catch the wolf - to reconciliation with the enemy.

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