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Natal card online with decryption

Natal chart

Natal card is a personal horoscope of a person's birth. It is built at the time of birth of a person and place of birth. This horoscope characterizes the fate of a person: the opportunities inherent in him, the propensities and circumstances of life. With the help of the birth chart, the position of the planets in signs of the zodiac relative to the Earth, as well as relative to each other, is determined. According to these data, a description of a person is made. We present you a service that allows you to make an online calculation of the natal chart by the date of birth with a decryption free of charge.

In order for the description to be most accurate, you must specify the date of birth, the time of birth (preferably the exact time) and the place of birth. If your city is not on the list, choose the closest city, a difference of 50-100 km is acceptable, it is important that the city is in this case in your time zone. To determine the position of houses, the Placidus system is used.

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☽ Moon in a sign ♓ Pisces natal chart

Ruler Moon

The moon in Pisces is an indicator of the unusual fate of man. In many respects this is due to the oddities of his nature. These are people who are able to be both sincere and simple-minded at the same time and weave intrigues. They combine almost old-timed wisdom and childish naivete. But their soul is pure and vulnerable. Very often they are shy and shy. This position of the Moon always gives a person high emotionality and impressionability. But the manifestation of these qualities can be different. Lunar Pisces in a negative like no other sign shows a propensity to drink. Against this background, an irresistible craving for lies develops, even when there is no need for it. A person is subject to mood swings and someone else's influence, weak-willed, negligent, unstable, resentful. He very quickly loses vitality, feels like a loser, has an extremely low self-esteem. Excessively carried away by the opposite sex, as a result of even more wasting yourself. Often it is used and betrayed, and he himself is even more disappointed in life and in people.

Lunar Fish in a positive - a completely different picture. Such a person has a rare charm and a wonderful character, is very attractive to others, very responsive, shows a touching concern for close people, a very good psychologist. He never impose his help, he does not stick with advice. Strongly devoted to his friends. Hospitable, and therefore in his house often sit up friendly companies. Calm and taciturn, but not "biscuit" - has a subtle sense of humor. Can be hard to climb and even lazy.

Lunar Pisces are excellent dreamers, they make great dreamers - that's why they can become outstanding philosophers, writers, directors, musicians, artists, inventors. They never dream "just like that", for the sake of the process: they necessarily extract from this some valuable idea. Are able to find in the most transcendental fantasies a rational grain. Moonfishes love art, especially music. They appreciate nature, drawing in it new forces.

Love . In a romantic relationship, this is a very convenient partner. He is comfortable, constant, his feelings are deep and serious. Likes to spend time with his family, in a house where he feels safe. He needs a solid material basis for family life. Unlike many other lunar signs, can not stand the seething passions. It is important for him to live in peace: he is not against friendly parties, but he is hampered by psychological stress, which he tries to avoid in all ways. Therefore, life together with such a person will not be full of clarification of relations. Even if he did not scold another for the mistake, it does not mean that he did not notice her. Just lunar Pisces does not consider conflict a solution to the problem. These are very good partners for people with an ardent character: next to the moon fish it is simply impossible to constantly be "on the platoon", so calming the energy of these people.

The house . In everyday life, they value comfort, for them it is important how the house looks, how comfortable it is. They love things of high quality - this applies to food, and to clothing, and to household appliances, and to household items. They do not save on themselves. With all the peace of mind, the Lunar Pisces is not at all conservative. They are happy to use the latest technical and fashion innovations, like to travel. Very friendly to the change of events. The main thing is for these changes to be carried over easily and pleasantly (traveling, buying new furniture), and not traumatizing the soul (divorce, leaving work). They are attracted by all the inexplicable, mysterious and mysterious. This is not surprising, because they are not only great dreamers, but also representatives of the most intuitive lunar sign. Their dreams are a real storehouse of information about the future.

Work . Moonfish never rush off the bat and are not prone to rash actions. If something does not work out the second time, they develop powerful complexes, they feel disappointed, hopeless in this area (admission to the institute, marriage, promotion). They are discouraged by hostility and misunderstanding - the circumstances in which they are lost and lowered. Therefore, for all sociability, they do not like to speak publicly to an unfamiliar audience. They are more comfortable with calm, measured work.

Moonfish are people with the finest spiritual organization. Their main emotional problem, because of which the quality of life can significantly worsen, is increased anxiety, indecisiveness, compliance, softness, lack of self-confidence and in their actions.

Failures knock them out of the rut. If they tried something and they did not succeed - they will not immediately put themselves a second bump on their foreheads for the sake of pleasure to try their luck again. And they will prefer to prepare for the next attempt morally. Therefore, the achievement of their goals, as a rule, takes a long time.

☽ Moon in the signs of the Zodiac
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☽ Moon in Gemini
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☽ Moon in Cancer
In the sign of Cancer

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☽ Moon in Leo
In the sign of Leo

The person in whose horoscope the Moon is in Leo has a truly fiery temperament. As a rule, he is a choleric; it is difficult to imagine depressed and depressed. Therefore, when the latter.. go →

☽ Moon in Virgo
In the sign of the Virgin

The moon in Virgo gives a person a methodical and receptive mind. He is inclined to a careful, scrupulous analysis of what is happening. At the same time, in thinking, it does not show.. go →

☽ Moon in Libra
In the sign of Libra

The person in whose horoscope the Moon is in Libra, first of all, strives for inner harmony. Peace of mind for him is the most important thing in life. He is socially active, focused on.. go →

☽ Moon in Scorpio
In the sign of Scorpio

A man in whose horoscope the Moon is in Scorpio, is a nature ambitious and passionate. Lunar Scorpio is a person whose self-confidence can not be shaken by any person, any circumstance... go →

☽ Moon in Sagittarius
In the sign of Sagittarius

The moon in Sagittarius tells a person a passionate, inspired nature. Lunar Sagittarius is always a man of action, interesting to him, many seek him as a strong and enterprising.. go →

☽ Moon in Capricorn
In the sign of Capricorn

The position of the Moon in Capricorn speaks of a prudent, attentive and persistent nature. Man with the Moon in Capricorn is distinguished by diligence, perseverance, ambition; in.. go →

☽ Moon in Aquarius
In the sign of Aquarius

A man in whose horoscope the Moon stands in Aquarius is one of the most mobile, active and unstable lunar signs. He is keenly interested in public issues, he himself seeks a wide range.. go →

☽ Moon in Pisces
In the sign of Pisces

The moon in Pisces is an indicator of the unusual fate of man. In many respects this is due to the oddities of his nature. These are people who are able to be both sincere and.. go →

The position of the planets in the signs of the Zodiac Planets in the signs of the Zodiac ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto


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