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[If you see an angel in a dream, then in reality..]

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dream book Miller

If you see an angel in a dream, then in reality you will experience sensations that will embarrass you and trouble you. Such a dream can be a symbol of the fact that soon your fate will change. Take a closer look at the feelings that you experienced in a dream, if they are pleasant - then in the near future you will receive news from friends or relatives that everything is all right in their life. In addition, this dream is a harbinger, that soon you will receive an inheritance from distant relatives who were not previously acquainted with. Another value of this dream is a warning about gossip about your personal life or business. In the case when a dream with an angel dreams of a person with a good heart, he will be granted comfort, if the sleeper does not differ in kindness, he must think about his soul and repent.

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dream book Nostradamus

If you saw an angel in a dream, then in reality you will be calm and happy. Such a dream is evidence that someday all people will live in peace and harmony.

In the event that in a dream you yourself play the role of an angel, in life you will be approached by a friend asking for help, which you can render to him.

To dream of an angel calling you to yourself, being in heaven is a symbol of the fact that you or one of your friends and relatives is threatened with a serious illness that can kill life.

If in a dream you saw a city in which angels live, in reality, such a dream indicates that in your life and destiny somehow the "city of angels" - Taiwan will appear.

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dream book Wangi

The angel seen in a dream is a favorable sign, moreover, in your destiny a bright band has come. Your life will be calm and prosperous. To see an angel above the head of a loved one in a dream is a symbol of the fact that soon he (she) will leave for another world. If you happen to see the angel behind the stranger, wait for the news of the death of a decent man who occupies a high position in society. Most likely, you will know this person. Acting as an angel in a dream is a sign that you are spending your money thoughtlessly. Such a dream encourages you to share with your loved ones, otherwise you can suddenly lose your well-being. If in a dream the angel calls you to himself, in reality you will face a serious illness that can kill you, contact the doctors and the healers, you have a chance to be saved.

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dream book Correct

The prophetic symbol is the angel you saw in a dream. Try to listen to what the angel is trying to tell you. Hearing in a dream the singing of angels is a symbol of that in reality you are expected to have prosperity and enjoyment. Also, this dream may foreshadow the rapid receipt of a major inheritance. Warns of trouble, a dream in which you dream that the angels sing anxiously. Most likely, it should be seen as a hint that you should repent if you have committed something bad and wicked, but if you can be ranked as a righteous man - wait for the reward of fate.

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dream book Muslim

To see in a dream Michael, Jabrayil, Azrael or Israfil in good spirits is a sign that the sleeper will achieve great success in religious and secular affairs. He (her) is waiting for success in science, and his house will avoid troubles and misfortunes. If such a dream is dreamed of by a person who is sick or worried about the future, in reality he will be freed from all his troubles and will be calm and happy. Fighting one of the angels, especially with Azrael or Michael, is a symbol of the fact that soon the sleeper will lie on his deathbed and he (she) needs to repent and be cleansed from sins. If you fly with angels in a dream, then in reality you can receive the gift and glory of the miracle worker, and your death will be martyred and for the glory of faith. Seeing in a dream how many angels are gathered in your home - a symbol that you need to beware of thieves and robbers, if possible, hide everything valuable in a safe place. If in a dream many angels come to your city or village, such a dream should be interpreted as a foretaste of the quick death of a devout person or a scientist. Also, this dream can be a foretaste of the fact that in your city there will be a murder.

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