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[Seeing a dream in which a kayak appears is a..]

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Seeing a dream in which a kayak appears is a forerunner of what in reality you prefer to go with the flow, rather than doing something for further development yourself. You do this in life and in personal relationships. Everything suits you, what your partner does for you, most likely, even the relations were started as a result of his (her) initiative. You do not consider it necessary to introduce something new and interesting in them. Your partners change due to the fact that you are so ignorant and lack the desire to diversify relationships, and monotony - boring.

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To see professional athletes in a dream who raft on kayaks on noisy thresholds and are difficult to maneuver is a sign that soon you will have to plunge into the cares and problems that will soon overtake you, but you will be able to with honor quit all the trials and step over them. If you dream that you first sit in a kayak and can not control it, warns that you need to be more careful in your actions and think through each step.

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