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[To see the keys in a dream means unforeseen..]

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To see the keys in a dream means unforeseen changes. If you have lost your keys in a dream - unpleasant events in reality will sadden you.

Find the keys - a sign that you are waiting for the family world and a revival in business. Spoiled keys portend separation, the cause of which will be death or jealousy.

If a young woman in a dream has lost a buckle from a jewelry - this promises her a quarrel with a loved one and worry about it. If she sees a locked door, she will lead a new obedient admirer. If she sees in a dream that she closes the door to the key, she will marry, and if she sees that she has lost the key, it is possible that she will damage her reputation by her inability to think and act sensibly.

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The key means finding solutions to problems, the desire to solve problems in an easier way.

Opening the door with a key in the dream is evidence that great discoveries will be made in the future in all fields of knowledge. Perhaps, a time machine will be invented, through which people can travel to the past and the future. To the dreamer such a dream prophesies a predicament from which he will try to find a way out.

Finding in the dream a key is a sign that great things are waiting for you. Most likely, you will greatly advance through the ranks of the ladder, thereby ensuring the comfortable existence of your family. Perhaps you will be acquainted with a person, through which your life will change for the better.

Breaking a key in a dream means that in the future the inhabitants of the Earth are awaited by a terrible message about a space accident. Most likely, the space station will suffer from this accident.

If you dreamed a bunch of keys, it means that in the not so distant future you will have the opportunity to make an amazing trip to many countries. In this journey you not only have a good time, but also learn a lot of new and interesting.

To see two keys in a dream is an unexpected turn of events.

Lose the key - be in an awkward position.

Seeing in a dream how someone gives you their keys is an unexpected help in a difficult situation.

A dream in which you will see an old man with keys on his belt, means that humanity is facing serious trials.

To see in a dream a golden key - yours, the efforts that you have spent in the search for truth, will be rewarded on merit.

Seeing in a dream how you are looking for the keys to your house - in reality trying to find a solution to your personal problems.

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