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[If you see a dream in which the lips of an ugly..]

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If you see a dream in which lips of an ugly shape appear, thick, such a dream warns: you should avoid unpleasant meetings, do not make hasty decisions and behave incontinently in relation to members of your family. To see pleasant, plump lips of pink color - to harmony and abundance. If such a dream is dreaming of people who are in love, then their relationship promises to grow into strong mutual feelings, which will be built on loyalty and love. Thin lips testify to perseverance and perseverance. It is in your power to achieve the goal that you set for yourself and to which you aspired. Sleep about swollen lips, which have a weather-beaten or wounded appearance, predicts deprivation and unreasonable desires. If in a dream you are very worried about the state of your lips, their beauty, then in reality you spend too much time on representatives of the opposite sex. In a dream to paint lips - in reality to tune in to flirt, coquetry, romantic relationships. If in a dream you think someone's lips are beautiful, inviting, seductive, then in reality you are not attentive enough to the person to whom you feel affection and love.

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