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[Needle - a symbol of hurt, insult, secret..]

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Needle - a symbol of hurt, insult, secret revenge, cunning, witchcraft, diligence.

To see a needle with traces of fresh blood - this dream warns of the bad intentions of a relative.

To see a needle with a very long thread is a symbol of the fact that a person who comes to power without elections will dictate his will for a long time and will be able to inspire respect for his subjects.

To see a lot of scattered needles is a foreshadowing of treachery, gossip and intrigue that will overwhelm everyone and lead to the death of some disagreeable persons.

To see the beast, from whose skin the steel needles stick out, means that humanity will acquire an enemy, which was not suspected, the struggle with it will be complex and unpredictable, because outwardly the enemy will be difficult to distinguish from the habitual appearance of the earthly inhabitants.

To see a man sticking a needle in himself is a symbol that in the future a volunteer will appear among the people who will sacrifice himself to atone for his death all the bad things done on Earth.

To see the letter 'X' written by needles sticking upwards is a sign that says that for ten years people can try to become better and thereby earn a better life, avoid the fate of guinea pigs from more advanced civilizations.

Taking a needle out of a person's heart means taking a direct part in a scientific discovery that will advance humanity much more.

To get in the rain from the needles is a symbol of the activation of the black forces, which once again yearn to subject humanity to serious trials.

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