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[Flowering and fragrant roses in it promise the..]

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dream book Miller

Flowering and fragrant roses in this promise promise of some kind of joyful event and the fidelity of your chosen one. If a girl cuts roses in a dream, then she will soon be offered marriage, which she will like. Withered roses say that you do not have your only beloved. If you see white roses in a dream, on which the rays of the sun do not fall and on whose petals there are no drops of dew - means. Serious illness awaits you.

If in a dream you breathe in the scent of roses - this will bring you an undisguised joy.

If a girl dreams of arms or roses, or she dreams that she cuts roses and makes bouquets out of them, then she will be very happy, having received an offer from a person whom she very much appreciates. If you see a rose bush that has not yet blossomed in a dream, you will have a solid material prosperity. A dried rose bush foreshadows a disease among your loved ones or other sorrows. A bright bush of scarlet roses heralds the fulfillment of great hopes in your family.

If a lover decorates her hair with a bud of scarlet roses in a dream, this promises her deception.

Get in a dream a bouquet of scarlet roses in the spring - fortunately, in the winter - to a vain expectation.

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To love and happiness.

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