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[To see a unicorn in a dream means that you will..]

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dream book Freud

Seeing a unicorn in a dream means that you will be horned in the near future, and up to you this message will reach the last.

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dream book Nostradamus

The unicorn is a symbol of purity, chastity, purification, death.

If in a dream you are trying to catch a unicorn - in reality all your efforts are aimed at opposing evil.

Sleep, in which you managed to catch and tame a unicorn, means the spiritual purity and chastity of a person close to you.

Seeing in a dream an angry unicorn - in reality to commit a shameful act.

The unicorn, who pursues man, is the symbol of the eternal play of man with death.

If you saw a golden unicorn in a dream, it is a symbol of spiritual and physical purification, good health.

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dream book Wangi

Unicorn - the personification of purity, happiness and prosperity. If a unicorn passes by you in a dream, then luck will come soon, it will be easy for you, as never before, everyone will call it luck but in fact your well-being will be well deserved, you will understand what will be caused, what is given for it . Feed the unicorn from the hands - in reality you will experience bliss, which is rarely experienced by people. You will receive a rare and expensive gift of fate, after which you can not remain ungrateful. A dream in which you see how a unicorn is killed, or it dies, predicts misfortune and suffering through the fault of evil people who live for profit, you will know this and experience it, but you will not be able to correct this situation. The perpetrators will be punished, and calmness will resume. If you manage to pet a unicorn, then such a dream says that you are undeservedly benefiting from the benefits that you have. You should thank for them not only destiny, but also surrounding people. As long as you do not recognize this with your soul and do not realize with reason, you will not experience true happiness. Go in a dream for a unicorn or try to catch it - in reality you put a lot of effort to achieve your goal. But perhaps your goal is not worth the effort that you are spending. Think about it, so as not to get disappointed in the end.


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