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[If the plot of sleep is related to war, it..]

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dream book Miller

If the plot of sleep is related to war, it indicates the fact that your affairs are in serious condition. In addition, such a dream indicates a possible disorder and strife in the family. If a young woman dreamed that her loved one is going to war, then she realizes in real life something unpleasant about him, about his shortcomings, about the bad qualities of his character. If, in the course of your dream, the state in which you live loses in the war, then in real life you can witness the suffering of people from revolutions, major social cataclysms, crises in business and political life. If, on the contrary, the war in your dream is won, therefore, in reality, business life will boil, become more active, and harmony will reign in the family life.

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dream book Wangi

If you saw the war in your dream, it's an omen that carries a negative. Among the possible negative phenomena - hunger, death, difficult times for both children and adults, especially for young people who, in fact, fight in this war, to sacrifice their lives. They saw themselves at war, this dream warns that likely cataclysms can affect both you and people close to you. And if you do not manage to escape in time, you will experience a personal grief and hard times that will affect society, that is, a common grief.

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dream book Correct

If the war is unfolding in a dream, then, shortly, you are expected to fail in the professional sphere and family troubles. If a young woman in a dream shows off her beloved, going to war, then she has to learn something about him that will surprise and possibly upset her. If in your dream the situation develops in such a way that your country is a loser in the war, then in reality, nothing but economic, social and political problems on a global scale can not be expected. And this state of affairs will necessarily affect your well-being and financial situation. If in a war, on the contrary, a victory was won, then business activity will go up the hill, and relations in the family will improve.

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dream book Lunar

If there was a war, then, soon, there will be quarrel, discord, discontent.

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dream book Muslim

If a person dreams that his fellow villagers are at war with other people, then in that locality in fact there will be such a situation that food prices will rise in price. And if a dream occurs in which the inhabitants of this city or region are at war with the reigning person, then, on the contrary, everything will be all right and peaceful in the state. If you have to run away from the battlefield in a dream, such a dream is a harbinger of happy events.

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