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Young man

[To see a beautiful young man in a dream is to..]

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dream book Freud

To see a beautiful young man in a dream is to update the workplace, receive a prize. And everything can happen quite unexpectedly, and you suddenly raise the salary will give the opportunity to change the position, taking a higher position. Do not refuse from any proposal, perhaps this is a chance that can not be ignored. Although there is one thing: for the embodiment of this fairy tale, you will have to sacrifice a little. . . own body. If for you this is not a problem, then success is assured. Well, if you find it difficult to mix service and personal relationships, then find other opportunities to attract the attention of the authorities. To talk, kiss, or cuddle with a young man - you will want changes, both in terms of relationships, and in professional activities. At best, you will ask for a vacation at work and you will go to your relatives in another city, and at worst, you will demand a divorce and write a statement of resignation from work. You do not need to make hasty decisions, you surely will later very much regret it. Limit small changes (changing hair style for women and a variety of leisure activities - for men) and see that you have a new way of perceiving life.

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For a mature man to see himself in a young man's dream means that he is trying to catch up with the departing train, however this will not be possible. If he has a grinning youth, then in real life he gives cause for gossip of others, because behavior based on the principle of "gray beard - a demon to the rib" always caused an inadequate reaction of society. If a girl sees in a dream, as she runs after the young man leaving her, she stands on the threshold of the first serious feeling, in connection with which her soul is especially sensitive and vulnerable.


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