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Lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener on february 2020

The sowing lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at february 2020 year The full lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener at february 2020 year

The main February task is the accumulation of snow on the land to protect plants from winter cold, and later to moisten the soil with meltwater. Strawberry and raspberry are covered with brushwood or lapnika. To use straw for this purpose is undesirable, because it can become a mouse nursery. If the snow on the beds completely melted, then the soil can be insulated with a peat layer of the order of 10 cm. It is possible to proceed with winter vaccination of stock, harvested in the fall. The grafted plants are placed in boxes with wet moss, poured with sawdust or peat.

During this period, you can update the whitewash of trunks, and also treat the grounds of young trees. For this, it is necessary to prepare a solution from a mixture of freshly smoked lime and copper sulfate diluted in water (2.5 kg: 0.5 kg: 10 l). To increase the tackiness of the solution to the bark, it is recommended to add 2 st. milk. On the threshold of spring, hares begin to actively bite the bark of young trees. In order to protect the garden from their attacks tree trunks can be coated with fat or blood of animals. As a rule, lard is used for this purpose. Also, the trunks can be protected with synthetic burlap.

With the onset of February, gardeners-gardeners come to active action: they purchase seeds, prepare seedlings for seedlings, harvest soil, make a schedule for planting and planting seedlings, etc. It is important at the same time not to forget about the systematic care of indoor plants: watering, loosening, fertilizing . From the end of the month, they can already be cut and transplanted. The lunar calendar of truck farmers and gardeners at 2020 year will help to plan all the necessary activities. It is composed taking into account the influence of the Moon and the signs of the Zodiac on plants and nature.

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In addition to the recommended works carried out according to the lunar calendar of a horticulturist, you can familiarize yourself with the general list of works performed in february.

In the current calendar (New York) all types of work are indicated - this is the so-called general calendar of the gardener for a month, so for the sake of convenience, individual lunar calendars of the gardener were made-a calendar of planting, picking, watering, harvesting and 8 more calendars especially for gardeners. You can familiarize yourself with all the lunar calendars and choose the right time for any kind of work in the garden and the garden. All calendars are compiled taking into account the phase and position of the moon in the signs of the Zodiac. Considering the influence of the moon on plants, you can correctly plan your agricultural work.

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Lunar calendar of the gardener and truck farmer s 7 by 14 february 2020 years

from 07.02.2020 - friday 
sunrise 07:05, sunset 17:26 15 lunar day, with ♌ Leo,
Fire element, descending
from 17:44 - day of warmth, influence on fruits
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♌ Leo, waxing gibbous 🌔
In the sign of Leo

Favorable period for sowing, planting and picking drought-resistant plants. Seed these days, the grass will rise evenly. Fruit trees and shrubs easily transfer the inoculation. Collected during this period, medicinal herbs will have the greatest strength, especially this applies to herbs that treat heart diseases. Favorable period for collecting sunflower seeds. Spraying against diseases and pests can be useful.

from 09.02.2020 - sunday 
sunrise 07:03, sunset 17:29 16 lunar day, with ♌ Leo,
Fire element, descending
from 02:33 - day of warmth, influence on fruits
The beginning of the full moon 🌕 phase
Full moon

The full moon phase lasts three days, when all the activity of the biofield is concentrated in the aboveground part of the plants, and the roots lack energy. The life activity of plants is most intense in the full moon, they absorb much more water than usual, the seeds absorb more moisture from the soil. In flowers, fruits and stems of plants the greatest amount of energy is accumulated. At full moon the most succulent, useful fruits, but they are not suitable for storage.

The viability and rooting of the roots during this period are significantly reduced. And aboveground parts of plants intensively develop. For example, a pumpkin grows very quickly, increasing by almost a centimeter per day.

Acceptable types of work: - irrigation; - loosening; - hilling; - weeding; - thinning of seedlings; - additional fertilizing (mineral); - control of weeds and pests; - spraying; - mulching; - harvesting (not for storage and not collected in Water signs), especially "tops", seeds, medicinal plants; - Cut flowers.

Not recommended: - landing (except potatoes); - transplantation; - reproduction by division of roots; - trimming; - pasynkovanie; - Pinched; - Inoculation and re-vaccination.

The beginning of the full moon 🌕 phase, Moon in the sign of ♌ Leo
Full moon

Follow the recommendations described for the full moon phase (see above).

from 18:38 - cold day, influence on the roots
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♍ Virgo, full moon 🌕
In the sign of the Virgin

Follow the recommendations described for the full moon phase (see above).

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1) The beginning of the full moon 🌕 phase (from 09.02 02:33)
from 11.02.2020 - tuesday 
sunrise 07:01, sunset 17:31 18 lunar day, in ♎ Libra,
Element of Air, descending
from 18:37 - day of light, influence on flowers
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♎ Libra, full moon 🌕
In the sign of Libra

Follow the recommendations described for the full moon phase (see above).

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1) The beginning of the full moon 🌕 phase (from 09.02 02:33)
from 12.02.2020 - wednesday 
sunrise 07:00, sunset 17:32 19 lunar day, in ♎ Libra,
Element of Air, descending
from 07:56 - day of light, influence on flowers
The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase
Waning gibbous

The beginning of the descent of the moon. The phase of the waning moon lasts 11-12 days. During this period, the activity of the biofield is transferred from the ground part of the plants to the roots. Consequently, the roots become sensitive and fragile, and the stems and branches of the plant react weakly to damage. This time is favorable for planting and planting root crops, picking, thinning, combating weeds and pests, root dressings, digging bulbs, tubers for storage. Cut flowers in this period for a long time remain fresh and do not fade, and the collected fruits are stored longer. Pruning plants is only possible if you want to slow the growth of shoots.

Acceptable types of work: - transplantation (rooting of cuttings), especially "roots", ornamental plants; - loosening; - weeding best last 3-4 days of the phase; - pruning of overgrown plants; - removal of strawberry's mustache; - mowing of the lawn (to delay growth); - spraying from pests and diseases; - harvesting "rootlets" and rhizome medicinal plants; - bookmark compost heaps; - Organic root top dressing (good - phosphorus); - Cut flowers; - collection of fruits; - drying fruits, as well as herbs, flowers and roots of medicinal plants. It is not recommended to plant and plant.

These are general recommendations for a waning moon, but also forget about the sign of the Zodiac in which the Moon is located, because all signs can be conditionally divided into fertile and sterile. The position of the moon in one of the signs determines the external impact of energy on plants, which affects their yield and growth. Accordingly, all work must be coordinated on the basis of the position of the moon in the sign of the Zodiac, which is the determining factor.

The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase, Moon in the sign of ♎ Libra
Waning gibbous

A good period for pruning trees. Favorable days for fertilizing flowers. Root crops can be planted. Flowers, torn during this period, will long decorate your room. The seeds collected these days for future planting will be well preserved.

If you arrange a wet cleaning (preferably with the addition of vinegar) on your kitchen shelves or in the cellar, moisture will not eat away the tree and mold does not form. As in the days of growing, and in the days of the waning moon, it is better not to water the flowers in the sign of the weights, otherwise their roots may be rotten.

from 13.02.2020 - thursday 
sunrise 06:58, sunset 17:34 20 lunar day, in ♏ Scorpio,
Water element, descending
from 19:37 - day of water, influence on the leaves
☽ Moon passes into the sign of ♏ Scorpio, waning gibbous 🌖
In the sign of Scorpio

This period is considered non-planting for most plants, but it is possible to sow seeds of lettuce, watercress, leafy mustard, spinach. The best time for plowing soil, the earth will sigh after digging and will thank you with a high yield. You can do rejuvenating pruning of trees and bushes. Excellent results will give watering and top-dressing of vegetable crops and flowers, including indoor or farmed on the balcony.

It is not recommended at this time to propagate plants with cuttings and layers. Not a very good time for digging bulbs from tulips, daffodils, gladioli, muscari and other bulbous flowers. Optimum time for salting cabbage, preserving fruits and vegetables, preparing compotes, juice and wines.

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1) The beginning of the waning gibbous 🌖 phase (from 12.02 07:56)
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