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Lunar horoscope

Lunar horoscope

A lunar horoscope is a map compiled at the time when the transit moon returns to the position it occupied at the moment of the birth of the person (native). Lunar return is repeated approximately every 27 days and 8 hours - this is the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This horoscope is calculated using the coordinates of the place in which the person was or plans to be. In the case of moving and finding at this time in another locality, it is necessary to recalculate the lunar for new coordinates.

The lunar horoscope is a kind of matrix that preserves the tendencies laid at the time of the lunar return, during the coming lunar month.

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♇ Pluto in 4 home of the lunar horoscope

Ruler Pluto

Dissatisfaction with their family life, situation in the family and the demand for change. Pressure on domestic, but also reciprocal on their part as well. Differences in views. Numerous home cares. In general, most of his energy and initiative, people tend to realize at home, in the family. Propensity to self-isolation, nurturing secret plans, related - including - with the change of residence. Public or political, say, a person's activity freezes. He secluded himself, he accumulates energy for future accomplishments. Persistent pursuit of the purpose of property acquisitions or purchase of real estate and (if there is a connection with the 2nd house) the accumulation of the required amount. Possession of property is possible, if there is a connection with the 8th house. Increased interest in mysticism and magical practices, increasing occult abilities. Active study of the genealogy, its origin, penetration into the secrets of family traditions, the history of native places.

♇ Pluto in the houses of the lunar horoscope
♇ Pluto in 1 house
1 house

It gives you the opportunity to change your life in some way, gives strength and passion to achieve your goals. Active and assertive, initiative. Energy hits over the edge and gives strength to take over adversaries and circumstances. This is one of those periods when a person.. go →

♇ Pluto with 2 house
2 house

The pressure to achieve material wealth, a passion for possessing greater financial resources. The desire to achieve sustainable soil underfoot at all costs. Often a person does not disassemble funds, acts contrary to the interests of other people, as well as the logic of.. go →

♇ Pluto in 3 house
3 house

Persistence in personal and business communication. The awakening of the ability to persuade, persuade, in general, successfully communicate with people. But there is a possibility of busting when the actions and statements of a person, his overactivity will act against him. Man.. go →

♇ Pluto in 4 house
4 house

Dissatisfaction with their family life, situation in the family and the demand for change. Pressure on domestic, but also reciprocal on their part as well. Differences in views. Numerous home cares. In general, most of his energy and initiative, people tend to realize at home,.. go →

♇ Pluto in 5 house
5 house

A significant increase in sensuality, the desire for intimate contact and love experiences. Search for a love ideal, flirting. There are sexual excesses on the side, which can adversely affect the main connection. Fatalistic attitude towards arising ties, affection. By his.. go →

♇ Pluto in 6 house
6 house

Usually - a connection with a person who holds a subordinate position or is burdened with debts and liabilities, as well as with employees of trade, medical institutions, private commercial enterprises, students, and so on. Also official novels. Sometimes indicates a change of.. go →

♇ Pluto in 7 house
7 house

Strong pressure from business partners or spouse. Feeling of dependence on them, suffering from their power. Perhaps, means acquiring a partner "scorpion" type horoscope or by profession (nuclear physicist, underground, a worker of the defense complex or special services, etc.)... go →

♇ Pluto in 8 house
8 house

Even in good aspects can mean a threat to life, the risk of an accident, injury, especially if projected to the 1st house of the radix. In other cases - heavy events that force a person to start life anew, much to rethink, fight for their existence. Can also mean surgical.. go →

♇ Pluto in 9 house
9 house

Changes in life, one way or another related to foreign affairs. It is possible to go abroad or to another city, the transfer of close people. Active search for partners abroad. Business and commercial interests abroad, the search for investment and investment opportunities. The.. go →

♇ Pluto in 10 house
10 house

Some confusion in life and in current problems, which hinders progress in professional affairs and towards a life goal. Magnetic properties of a person's personality, its sexual attractiveness are increasing. But he can also attract criminal elements. Sometimes, the goal may be.. go →

♇ Pluto in 11 house
11 house

Enormous assertiveness in the implementation of plans and projects. But it should be taken into account that realization depends not only on the efforts of the person himself, but also on a happy coincidence of circumstances. In addition, friends can realize the real embodiment.. go →

♇ Pluto in 12 house
12 house

A person is completely exposed to the circumstances and will of other people. Very unfavorable, unsuccessful period. He is full of disappointments, vain illusions, unfulfilled fantasies. Breakdown of sexual intercourse. A person is charged with acts he did not commit (not.. go →

The position of the planets in the houses of the lunar horoscope The position of the planets in the houses ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto


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