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The solar horoscope

The solar horoscope

Solar's method allows to identify the potential of events that can occur to a person during his solar year. Similarly, if necessary, you can identify events that can not happen, and exclude them from further consideration. In fact, Solyar is a transit card fixed at the time of the Sun's return to its natal position, taking into account the coordinates of the locality where the person was (!) At that moment.

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☿ Mercury in 11 home of a solar horoscope

Ruler Mercury

Favorable for communication in a friendly circle, to discuss their hopes and aspirations. A person thinks about the ideological platform of his life, actively builds plans and projects. Can indicate changes in a friendly circle, if it is generally important for a person, about establishing friendly relations with brothers and sisters. Circle of communication can be mainly younger in age persons. Friendly correspondence, acquisition of friendship by correspondence. Joint business interests with a person who sympathizes with a person. Useful links. Intellectual contacts with the public (interviews, lectures, etc.). Negative aspects point to vain hopes for the help of friends, to deprivation of support, loss of sympathy, disagreement with friends. When the opposition in the 5 th house indicates a disagreement with the children and the loss of their location, numerous troubles due to children.

☿ Mercury in the houses of the solar horoscope
☿ Mercury in 1 house
1 house

A lot of thoughts and most of the conversations are about the personal affairs of a person, about what he cares about most. Like any planet in the 1st house, Mercury points to immersion in one's own problems, so attention should mainly be paid to the aspects of Mercury. For.. go →

☿ Mercury with 2 house
2 house

Many "money" and "rag" conversations, thinking is aimed at thinking and discussing ways to earn money, as well as spending and shopping. With positive aspects, it favors trading profits. There can be income from intellectual activity, literary work, through mediation, fraud,.. go →

☿ Mercury in 3 house
3 house

A lot of talk about the study of a person, as well as his friends and close relatives. Also often indicates a change in the circle of human communication, on close communication with friends, joint walks, near trips, other events. Interesting and useful acquaintances,.. go →

☿ Mercury in 4 house
4 house

Often indicates a temporary residence in another place, the house, moving from one place of residence to another. Many conversations about family problems or correspondence, telephone conversations with relatives. In general, a lot of communication on the home phone... go →

☿ Mercury in 5 house
5 house

A lot of talk about love, discussion of their experiences, intimate connection. Love correspondence, telephone communication with a loved one. Indicates also that a person is inclined to think about their feelings, analyze them. Reading of sexual literature. The position is.. go →

☿ Mercury in 6 house
6 house

Many official conversations and business correspondence. Either correspondence with a person in a subordinate position who is in the service. Discussion of their obligations and debts. The circle of human communication is made up of his subordinates, employees or classmates,.. go →

☿ Mercury in 7 house
7 house

A lot of talk about partnerships. Discussing cases of a spouse or business partners. A lot of man's mental efforts are directed at understanding human relationships, ways of influencing the masses, the audience. Generally means deep thinking, honing your manner of expression... go →

☿ Mercury in 8 house
8 house

Can indicate a change in the nature or style of human learning (it became good or bad to learn depending on the aspects). Start learning a new discipline. Man's thoughts and conversations can be directed at performing a surgical operation, especially in the aspect of Pluto.. go →

☿ Mercury in 9 house
9 house

Most of the person's thoughts and conversations are related to foreign affairs. Discussion of their trade interests abroad, correspondence with foreigners, telephone conversations. There are many foreign citizens in the circle of communication. Can indicate short-term trips.. go →

☿ Mercury in 10 house
10 house

Man's thoughts and conversations relate to his professional sphere, career, and current goals, as a person understands them and in the manner in which they are described by a solar horoscope. There can be changes at work, in the position occupied, in connection with which it.. go →

☿ Mercury in 11 house
11 house

Favorable for communication in a friendly circle, to discuss their hopes and aspirations. A person thinks about the ideological platform of his life, actively builds plans and projects. Can indicate changes in a friendly circle, if it is generally important for a person,.. go →

☿ Mercury in 12 house
12 house

In some cases, it may indicate clandestine communication, correspondence with persons who are in hiding, in the distance, in confinement or in relation to which violent acts are applied. Experiences due to letters, conversations, visits, unsuccessful communication style... go →

The position of the planets in the houses of the solar horoscope The position of the planets in the houses ☽ Moon ☉ Sun ☿ Mercury ♀ Venus ♂ Mars ♃ Jupiter ♄ Saturn ♅ Uranus ♆ Neptune ♇ Pluto


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