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Characteristics of 25th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

Symbol - a turtle, a shell, an urn, two vessels, one of which is with living water, and the other with a dead one, "an urn with ashes." This day is also associated with Aquarius.

The day is rather passive, it allows you to focus on spiritual problems, gives solitude. It is necessary to cleanse yourself of toxins, to do therapeutic starvation. The sign of slavish dependence on someone on this day is clearly heard.

The first half of the day will be unfavorable - there is an effect of negative trends of the past day. There are chronic diseases, there may be sluggishness. Therefore, at this time it is better to pay attention to your health and engage in some kind of individual activity. But the second half will achieve the set goals. Intuition will worsen and there is a possibility of support of higher people.

Love and relationships. The twenty-fifth lunar day is a time when we can understand a lot about the nature of our relationship with loved ones. The meetings are going well today, but without much enthusiasm. It's a day of solitude and silence. If you are planning a meeting with a partner, then it was better to have a meeting yesterday, and today it's good to think about what you learned, to take a fresh look at your relationship if they require a fresh look.

Housework. The main thing that should be remembered on the 25th lunar day is that this day does not presuppose either quick actions or quick results. If you need to do it very urgently, today it is useless to do it. Waste time. Today is the right time for easy home affairs that do not require hurry.

Business and money. On the twenty-fifth lunar day, people are apathetic and lazy. Collective, joint work rarely succeeds. Today is most suitable for personal matters and procedures related to health promotion. In general, a good day for work, it is desirable to solve simple questions, nothing really important will happen today. The second half of the day is more favorable: there is a chance to get support from the authorities and other superiors. Financial profit is possible. 25 lunar day - a great day to move to a new place of residence, for the office - to new areas. Today is the day of justice. You can sue in court. A great day for trading. Perhaps, negotiations on the proposed partnership and conclusion of long-term contracts will be successful. But, any transaction concluded on the 25th lunar day should be carefully thought out and tested, better even if by several people. Otherwise, the slightest mistake can lead "your ship to the wrong dock." An ill-conceived deal or contract will be rather difficult to correct. To make adjustments will require considerable effort and additional investment, not to mention the lost time.

Dreams. It is believed that this is the day of prophetic dreams. It is important that you use intuition when interpreting dreams. Although the images are very clear, yet listen to your inner voice. If you saw something not pleasant this night, read the prayer in the morning and wash under cold running water, let it blow everything away.

Health. This day is intended to cleanse the body, so today it's good to starve, clean up procedures, cleanse of slags. Both physical and spiritual. In the first half of the lunar day, an exacerbation of chronic diseases is possible. May be lethargic or apathetic.

  • Start 25-x lunar days in 2017 ​​year, Brasilia:
  • 22 january 02:34
  • 21 february 01:42
  • 23 march 02:02
  • 21 april 01:37
  • 21 may 02:08
  • 19 june 01:49
  • 18 july 01:35
  • 17 august 02:27
  • 15 september 02:18
  • 14 october 02:03
  • 13 november 03:20
  • 13 december 03:22
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The result of a haircut on this day will be problems with the eyes and eyes.


The power of a man born on the 25th lunar day was to wait for his hour. He should not be in a hurry. In anticipation will help wisdom and patience, as well as knowledge of the simple law: everything always comes in its time. The life of this man is rich and interesting, the events are impressive. They have trouble-free intuition, good logic. Are able to reason with reason in any situation (and this can be seen already in childhood). So, they are favorites of fortune, they are usually lucky in life, they have the right idea of ​​the world, they are able to be at the right time in the right place.
Tip: Take care of your desires and emotions.

Bathing in the bath

Neutral day.


If you have a bad dream, you need to pray in the morning, open a tap with cold water or go out to the river bank, streams and tell about your dream running water. Water will take away everything bad without a trace, and sleep will not do you any harm.

Stones keepers

All eye quartz (stones-amulets), crystal.

Conception of the child

Started on the 25th lunar day, a child will lead life under the sign of secrecy. He will be accompanied by all the hidden, inexplicable. He will get out of the most difficult situations with the help of patrons or some unforeseen resources and means. He will have the ability to foresee the future. His intuition turns out to be flawless, does not fail either him or her, so his forebodings should be trusted. Such a person has a developed mind from an early age, in adulthood, he strikes with his wisdom. He does not like to talk about himself, he will never reveal his soul to the first person he meets, and even a friend will not reveal every secret. What is going on in the depths of his soul, only Heaven knows, from people he prefers to hide his worries and hopes. Many will consider him a failure, but more importantly, what a person will think about himself. It is very important for him to live by conscience. Overcoming obstacles, he should not sacrifice others for his own purposes, this will not bring him good.

Aromatherapy and home scents

This is an excellent remedy for nervous, physical and mental overwork. Activates the vital forces of man.


On the twenty-fifth lunar day it is better to refrain from creating a family. This period is more suitable for planning a joint life, for preparing the very celebration of marriage and so on. It is believed that those who marry on the twenty-fifth lunar day, will always "sink to the bottom," they will often be trapped in financial crises and periods of mental discomfort.

In general, I must say that this time is more suitable for divorce than for creating a new social unit. Divorces go smoothly, calmly, without scandals and quarrels. The next period of life flows like water, and the past is smoothed out like a pebble, leaving no sharp corners in memory.


In the twenty-fifth lunar day you can buy everything that is somehow connected with water and sea - from shells and souvenir ships to live fish and aquariums, from life jackets and toys for a bath to inflatable pools and scuba gear. In addition, in this period you can acquire something that helps us to find ourselves and restore peace of mind. It can also be anything, - books, aromatic oils, some trinkets, it does not matter. The main thing is that it helps your peace, bring not a stormy joy, but peace.


symbols: sink, vessel
stones: tiger's eye, feldspar
body part: spleen

Summoning Spirits, any works of the waning moon, it is impossible to start a new job on this day, only to continue the old one.

When guessing, you can ask questions on any topic, but it is best to devote twenty-fifth lunar day to making tools for fortune telling - runes, tarot cards, etc.

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Excellent site. Can you write , how to do the three candle ritual exactly? Thank you.
I'm just posting this on this lunar day because I was doing research. But this is a fantastic site. I've been studying astrology for 8+ years, and the information here is very useful. I am a day trader and have been implementing lunar days in my strategies and it is very beneficial! Thank you for this.
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Great page and website overall. Thanks for creating this. Please keep it up. The moon
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bless you all on this wonderful 3rd lunar day
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