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Hello friends, if you liked our site and the materials published on the resource and there is a desire to help, do something good for us and support the project, there are several ways to do it. Show your creativity and help make this site even more interesting! Join a friendly team that is engaged in the ministry in this project.

Very help site:

1. Author's materials

If you are the author of interesting materials and seek to share them - we invite you to place them on the site - in the thematic section and in a special author's column. The site has good attendance, many people will learn about your work. If you have authored articles, lectures, other materials on astrology, astronomy or other materials on a similar subject that have not previously been published, we invite you to participate in this project.

2. The rewriter or copywriter

Need help in creating new text materials based on existing (rewrite).

3. Dissemination of information about the site

Tell your friends about what inspires you. Publish material from the site on another site together with a link to the source material. Share your favorite material on social networks or on forums.

4. Financial Aid

If you do not have enough free time for these types of assistance, but you still want to help, then you can make a voluntary financial donation to cover the costs of the site. Funds from help will go to pay for server rental, pay for authors' articles, pay for people who work with the site every day, as well as to promote the site so that other people know about its existence.

5. Your option

Above are listed the types of assistance that we came up with, so the list is not complete. Surely you have something to share and than to help, so if the heart prompts, then offer your option of help.

We thank all those who have already helped and continue to help us in the development of the resource! We sincerely wish you happiness and good luck!

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