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1. How is the lunar day calculated?

The lunar calendar is compiled individually for each locality. The lunar day begins with the rising of the moon above the horizon in a given locality. This applies to all numbers of the lunar day, except for 1-x. Because the first lunar day begins with the beginning of the lunar month, which begins at the time of the new moon. The moment of the new moon is the same for any point of the globe. And the moment of the Moon's rising is necessary for the horizon - different for different points of the globe (cities of the world), depends on the geographical latitude and longitude of the city. Therefore, the duration of 1 lunar day can vary greatly for different parts of the globe. The difference in the beginning of the lunar days in different cities of the world can not be estimated from the difference in time zones between these cities (for the reasons indicated above, that is, due to the peculiarities of 1 lunar day). For cities located beyond the Arctic Circle, the calculation of lunar days in a traditional way is difficult. This is due to the presence of periods when the moon does not go beyond the horizon for several days or rise above the horizon. Thus, the lunar day is greatly stretched, and in total they become smaller.

2. What gives the choice of your city?

This is primarily necessary for the output of events taking into account local time (i.e., accounting for the time zone). And also take into account the coordinates of the city to calculate the onset of the lunar day, and the position of the cusps of houses for some calendars.

3. When choosing your city from the list, is the time shown local?

Yes, everything is correct and time is not required.

4. Is winter / summer time taken into account for some regions?

Yes, if the selected region currently has winter / summer time, then the occurrence of events is displayed taking into account the current time corrections.

5. How is the position of the planets calculated and how accurate are the calculations?

All calculations are made on the basis of ephemeris, which gives greater accuracy of calculations. Star ephemerides are tables of visible positions of stars, depending on the influence of precession, aberration, nutation.

6. How do I find out what time zone was when I was born?

The time zone is calculated automatically when calculating, for example, a natal chart.

7. What does the complexity of the selection mean in calendars?

This affects the choice of the right time. All methods of selection are divided into several options. The more complex the selection method, the less time for action we have. The timing of the methods is carried out taking into account the influence of the moon phase, its location in the sign of the Zodiac, eclipses of the lunar and solar, the moon without course, the aspects and retrograde of the planets, the houses of the horoscope, namely the position of the cusps of houses, the influence of the rulers and co-regents of houses, the finding of planets in houses horoscope, aspects of the planets to cusps of houses. The same "amplify" the necessary houses of the horoscope, i.e. the position of the rulers and co-registrars of certain houses in the sign of the Zodiac, retrograde and aspects to other planets is considered. In the latter method, the aspects of the rulers and co-rulers of certain houses of the horoscope are considered.

8. When calculating a lunar birthday, or a natal chart, there is no city in the list, what should I do?

To do this, you need to select the nearest city to the place of calculation from the list and move the pointer on the map, correct the value of latitude and longitude. In this case, the calculation will be made with the selected coordinates on the map and the correct time zone corresponding to the selected city.

9. How do I choose the time zone for calculating astrological forecasts?

This is not necessary, because time zone for any city and time is calculated automatically and is taken into account in all calculations. The same time zone is displayed in the results of calculations, for example, when calculating the natal chart, transit, etc.

10. Why do some calendars have restricted access and registration required?

Some calendars use more sophisticated methods of timing for an event. Therefore, it takes a lot of CPU time to process them, given the number of cities and types of calendars on the site - it was decided to limit access. To use these calendars, you only need to register on the site and gain access to your account.

11. How to subscribe to astro events and what settings to choose?

To do this, you must go to your personal account, after registering with us on the website and confirming your e-mail address. Choose the validity period of the subscription and receive daily free mailings about upcoming astro events to the specified e-mail address.

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Cool site - looks to have s lot of interesting info..... but it doesn't work! Why? Not finished yet?
It doesn't mention the state or city where I was born. It doesn't mention AM or PM.
Hi. I dont understand which date should i write when i want to calculate my lunar birth. In first place i should write the day i was born and what date should i write under?
Hello could you post more exemples for the diet calendar For exemple these are the foods good for today... fruits blueberries Rasb kiwi etc greens: spinach parsley green beens etc really more detailed... also would be amazing to post for each sign of the moon what is to be eaten as a reference... just would love to learn more then just be given some exemples... thank you
What are the references, books and authors about Lunar days meanings? Thank you.
Hello, western astrology.
How good is this site lots of good books and calenders. I might have some books on western astrology family aspects I'll keep learning
Thanks a lot! Have a nice weekend and good mood!
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