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Progression online

Progressions in astrology

Progression is a symbolic method of forecasting, based on the correspondence "one day from the moment of birth in one year of life". Sometimes this method is called secondary directing. On this map are captured both the strengths and problems, obvious and hidden. One of the purposes of deciphering the progression is to determine them, to assess the extent of the danger and, if possible, to eliminate it or at least neutralize it. But first of all progression indicates changes that occur with the person himself, his state and world outlook, in contrast to the transit, the area of ​​which is external factors.

In progress, the Moon has a special role, almost all decoding is carried out, based on its phase and position relative to other planets. Also taken into account is the path of the Moon following the natal houses and signs. From what sign the Moon is now on your map, your reaction to this or that situation depends: most likely, you will demonstrate the qualities peculiar to this sign. The moon in the house will indicate the nature of the emotional sphere: the more houses passed, the sharper the search state, the more vivid the impression, the more mature the relationship. When the moon reaches the twelfth house, astrologers recommend to go into the shade and wait out a risky or even unfavorable period. Which, however, does not mean total inaction: at this time it is good to sum up, to think about further plans, to develop new strategies.

Certainly, other planets are also in motion at the time of compiling the map, their movement is taken into account for more accurate interpretation. It should be remembered that nodes are not an unshakable quantity. The most characteristic changes include the transition of the planet to the next sign, a change in the nature of the movement, for example, the planet can become retrograde, direct or stationary.

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