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Lunar Calendar of the fisherman at september 2024 year

Lunar Calendar of the fisherman at september 2024 year Fisherman's Calendar for september 2024

The lunar calendar of the fisherman for september 2024 years is a compilation of the most important and necessary information for anglers about events, as well as the subtleties of the lunar cycle. It takes into account the dependence of the intensity of fish biting on the moon phase. This calendar will be for you an adviser, and will help regardless of who you are: a novice or a professional fisherman. To achieve excellent success on fishing, also be sure to consider other factors - weather, luck, skill and the place of fishing affecting the activity of fish. City New York.

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Fishing in the september. Strong matinees, often settling hoarfrost, continuing to reduce the temperature of the water. The leaves turn yellow, leaf fall begins. In some places, the falling leaves cover the surface of the water with a thick layer. In good weather, perch, roach, underclothes, roaches like to stand under them (fish do not gather under the layer of fallen alder leaves). It is successfully caught by a float fishing rod on a worm, mormyshku or a small spoon. Aquatic plants acquire a brown color, partially curl and descend to the bottom. Underwater thickets thinning. The mollusks inhabiting them, crustaceans, worms burrow into the mud. The fish goes to deeper places. The water becomes even clearer.

Gradually deteriorating biting bream and carp, by the end of the month it stops completely. Small bream and carp continue to take in warm weather for bloodworms and worms until the first decade of next month.

In lakes and ponds, a roach is well caught for bloodworms, perch and small pike for fry; in rivers, at medium depths, mainly in bushes, on the sticker - asp. Continued hunting with bottom fishing rods for chub and yaz on frogs (in the first half of the night and early morning hours). Chub also willingly takes on gudgeon and chicken guts. On the ruts in the second half of the month begins to come across burbot. In the wiring for bloodworms and sponges successfully suck roach, scrounger, podeste, chub, roach and mostly dace. In the second decade, there is autumn zhor pike in deep places. They catch her spinning, circles, path and float fishing rods. Bites of pike perch are rare. The best results give a sheer bounce on the winter spoon-bait in the deep-seated pits.

The most favorable for fishing are quiet, cloudy days. A fine, drizzling rain for pike biting is not affected. The fishing of burbot is more effective in dark, rainy nights. In September it is especially interesting to fish with spinning, mugs and float fishing rods for fry. In favorable weather on the lakes, continuing to lay on a grasshopper. In small rivers it is interesting to catch mormyshku near the coast. On the crescents during the night hours there are bites of the chub to the gudgeon (bottom fishing rods).

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The following lunar fishing calendar for september 2024 year will be an excellent adviser for you. With it, you can easily determine the best moments for fishing.

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