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Characteristics of 17th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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Symbol - grapes, bell, grape cluster, "alarm". This day is called Shakti. Shakti is the female goddess. Women's Energies Day.

These lunar days are a day of accumulation, fertility, joy, inner freedom and an outlet to your ideal love. These days are very suitable for marriage, marital relations, emancipation and fun. This day, women's energy is transformed. It is recommended to use warmed Cahors or cold dry wine. At the same time it is strictly forbidden to drink and debauch.

The first half of the day allows you to use energy with maximum impact. Improve marital relations, sexual energy will increase. Activates any creative process, own business. Many people have increased intuition, a feeling of enlightenment. The 2nd half of the day will be unfavorable. There will be difficulties in implementing plans and ideas. You need to be careful and accurate in sexual contacts. Between lovers there can be conflicts because of a feeling of dissatisfaction.

Love and relationships. Since ancient times it was considered the best day for a wedding from the entire lunar month. There is a sign that if you get married on this day, then the union will be long and the love in it will not fade. Generally, 12, 16 and 17 lunar days are good for marrying (on the 16th day - marriage will stay on harmony, and in 12 - on higher love). In general, the seventeenth lunar day is one of the joyful days of the month. Time of communication, joy and friendly meetings, bright acquaintances and memorable visits. The energy of this day gives rise to cheerful and carefree time, which favors joyful activities. It is appropriate to have an active holiday together or with a group of friends. The brightest aspect in the characteristic of this day is love. He is very good for a romantic date. On the 17th lunar day you can be visited by love - a passion that often appears at first sight, but one should not lose one's head and caution: because of uncontrollable energy, it contains many surprises.

Housework. Not intended for work. This is a time of celebration, not washing or cleaning. You can do important things in the garden or the garden, but only if you really consider them important.

Business and money. A normal day for money matters. The work is going well, but the mood is not working. It is better to postpone important questions for later. Serious negotiations today will not work. You can have fun chatting, getting information from business partners, designing, dreaming, but the final decision of important issues should be postponed until later. The energy of the day is so free that it does not favor any work. Serious projects today are unlikely to succeed. Instead of not sitting at work without results, spend the day in a cheerful friendly company. When planning a month, pay attention to this day and distribute the cases in such a way that on the seventeenth lunar day you have a day off, or at least partial employment. Having rested and taken a walk today, you will create yourself a good mood and cheerfulness for the rest of the lunar month. Particularly successful is the morning of the 17th lunar day. In the second half, problems and difficulties in implementing the plan may begin. If you start new business on the seventeenth lunar day, then be prepared for the fact that these cases will constantly demand an adjustment, everything will go wrong, but it does not mean that the result will be negative. Creative projects will work well, today energy on the rise and intuition works without fail. The probability of new discoveries, insights and revelations is great. All people of creativity and art today are a real holiday of inspiration. A great day for writers, science fiction writers, writers. Today, thoughts will flow by themselves and easily fall on paper. Do not miss your inspiration in the hectic domestic household affairs.

Dreams. As is known, these lunar days are associated with the activity of female energy, including its sexual part. And as a consequence, dreams are a reflection of how harmonious you are in the realization of sexual energy. Sleep can show how much it is suppressed, and what is the extent to not realizing your sexual desires and fantasies. Of course, first of all you need to understand that you do not mean passionate sexual desires, but your ability to be creatively realized through communication with the opposite sex. Therefore, if you were able to determine the degree of stress or misalignment, try to immediately deal with the alignment of distortions and look for a creative outlet for your sexual energy. So, if you make pleasant dreams, it means that you show your creativity, and in relations with the opposite sex you are all right. If not pleasant dreams, then you need to pay more attention to the manifestation of creativity, and to improve matters in the relationship. The dreams of this day can be fulfilled within the next three days. They can portend success.

Health. Not entirely favorable. Women can experience strong stress on the psyche. This day is dangerous for the manifestation of infectious diseases. It can also be traumatic. Vulnerable in this day is the pituitary gland and the entire endocrine system.

  • Start 17-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Reykjavik:
  • 8 january 16:42
  • 6 february 18:02
  • 7 march 18:57
  • 6 april 21:27
  • 5 may 22:41
  • 4 june 13:51
  • 5 july 02:07
  • 2 august 23:31
  • 1 september 21:10
  • 30 september 19:04
  • 30 october 16:30
  • 28 november 14:20
  • 28 december 14:55
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In the east, it is believed that the 17th lunar day is unfavorable for a haircut, as this action will make permanent human companions evil spirits, which will send him disease, trauma and mental disorders.


A person born on the 17th lunar day is endowed with a very emotional nature. Feeling for him - in the 1 st place. Never tormented by oppositions of mind and heart, because the voice of the heart is much louder. This is the positive side and its danger. Sometimes it's not enough to listen to emotions, they can be deceptive. You need to remember this to protect yourself from problems. The people of this day are sincere, open, trusting people. If you were born on this day, be sure to meet with friends, communicate as much as possible. For such people, much means love and marriage. They strive to find their soul mate, sometimes they see this as the meaning of life. A union with a close person helps their spiritual development, leads to activity, gives will power and wisdom. Are inclined to demonstrative behavior, often epean public, let know how little for them means someone else's opinion. This behavior is self-defense, a person is simply afraid to reveal his sensitive inner world to strangers. They do not like restrictions, they can not stand in the way of circumstances, they worry when there is no other way. The main danger is to have a low self-esteem, depression can develop.
Tip: evaluate yourself realistically and you will be able to find application to your numerous abilities and virtues, become successful and happy people. Very harmful alcohol.

Bathing in the bath

The best day in the bath for lovers. Stay together - it will be remembered for a long time!


Dreams of the 17th lunar day are significant. If the dreams are pleasant, then everything is normal in our life. An unpleasant dream indicates dissatisfaction in creative self-expression, a lack of inner freedom (it's time to be liberated).

Stones keepers

Obsidian, hematite, zircon.

Conception of the child

Despite the fact that on the 17th lunar day it is favorable to drink a little wine, it is better for parents to refrain from drinking alcohol if they decided to conceive a child. Otherwise, he can grow up a drunkard and a deceiver. But the joy and exuberant fun on this day are favorable. The person in this case will be lucky. He will have a light, cheerful disposition.

Aromatherapy and home scents

Strengthens the energy and attractiveness of man. Protects a person from negative energies of envy and aggression.


The seventeenth lunar day is the most favorable time for weddings and anniversaries. For the conclusion of marriages this period is the "golden mean", it fits all without exception - both young and elderly couples. But especially the seventeenth lunar day is suitable for people striving for a stormy and romantic family life. This is one of the most favorable periods for creating a family for circus artists, musicals, comedians, and humorist writers.

This is also a good time for holding original and cheerful weddings with an abundance of jokes, jokes and unexpected surprises of interesting games and so on.

Family people are well on this lunar day to arrange a family holiday together with children, to bring them to the circus or to some colorful presentation. Arrange in your family a holiday, a surprise, a rally or a small show. Spend the whole day at home, along with your loved ones.


A good day for any shopping. Especially it is favorable for purchases of any toys, flowers, wine and cognac, for everything that somehow, brings joy and is associated with us on a holiday. The main condition: to acquire goods with joy and in high spirits. Otherwise, the purchase does not really bring you joy. It is also a good time to buy trips to places of rest, tickets for tourist trips and so on.


symbol: a bunch of grapes
stones: zircon, hematite
body part: the skin of the front surface of the body

Day of influence of women's energies. Working with the female aspect of the Force. The astrological aspect that characterizes the day is the energy of love. Spells on this day are done only on men, love spells on women lie weakly or in general can not lie down. Spells are best done with a sexual bias, but not like on the 15th lunar day, because, on this day, sex is perceived as an integral part of sensual love, and not as lust. The best day for marriage. It is also very favorable for rituals for money and luck.

When guessing ask only questions about sexuality, as well as sensual and emotional spheres. Now the answers to these questions will be particularly accurate.

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