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Characteristics of 23th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

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Symbol - crocodile, crocodile Makkara (in fact it is not a crocodile, but a mythical monster with a crocodile jaws, wings and fish tail - semicrocodile, half-fish, half-fish, half-crocodile - bloodthirsty semicristy, half-fish, half-fish, half-zoo, which swallows, grabs, devours ), Cerberus, Chimera, Echidna. Sometimes it is called the day of a square or a cross. This is the lunar day of the Nativity of Christ. Christ laid a tremendous rhythm in mankind. With his arrival, this day has slightly changed over several millennia. This day is a symbol of sacrifice, self-sacrifice, sin-repentance, understanding and forgiveness of others.

This is one of the days of rampant vampires and all sorts of seduction. This day is characterized by caution, abstinence, repentance and self-sacrifice. And he is connected with persecution, harassment, exile and a clash with an angry mob. It is necessary to guard this house on this lunar day. It is also necessary to clean, purify, sprinkle with holy water, fumigating with Ledum, cleaning the thresholds of the house with fire. It is recommended to use dairy products. You can not show your anger, do operations, cut nails and hair, and also move little.

This period is quite contradictory. The conclusion of any contract and commitment should be checked and rethought. On this day it is better to wait with new projects and deeds. It will be much more useful and productive to complete the earlier ones. The second half of the day is marked by the growth of their own ambitions, because of which any patronage can be problematic. In relations with partners, jealousy and envy may be present. You need to be very careful when manifesting your feelings and thoughts, revealing your plans and hopes.

Love and relationships. It is better not to make appointments, especially for those who have a tense relationship with a partner. Otherwise, you can aggravate the situation. You may be subjected to violence (not necessarily physical). Abstinence, humility and control over emotions are strongly recommended. Restrain your instincts, sex on this day - is contraindicated. It will be devastating to health. Men on this day are at risk of "catching" a venereal disease. For the conception of the child, the day is also unfavorable. It is best to transform sexual energy into creative energy. Particularly complex and unfavorable will be the second half of this day. In working relationships and personal relationships, jealousy, jealousy, resentment, and claims can arise because of deceived hopes and unfulfilled plans. If you decide to share your thoughts with someone, keep in mind that you may be misunderstood. On this day it is very easy to lose composure, and to turn any conversation into a quarrel. For reconciliation this time does not fit, it sets people to an aggressive mood. No one will want to concede, no compromises can be made. On this day, he is drawn to quarrel and swear, but such desires must be restrained. If you divorce your husband on the twenty-third lunar day, you have every chance of subsequently marrying him again. It is very good to stop relations with people who undermine your faith in yourself and belittle your talents and abilities.

Housework. Suitable for cases requiring great physical activity. Good for completing any events, but new things to start are not recommended. This is the day of house protection, in which it is necessary to clean and sprinkle with holy water, purification of candles with fire, fumigation of rooms with Ledum and cumin.

Business and money. This is one of the most unfortunate days for work and business. Do not do anything important. Negotiations will not bring results, but they can create additional problems. The second half of the day is particularly unfavorable. Today, mutual obligations are checked for stability and stability, plans are revised, ideas are rethought. It is good to close down businesses and to abandon unprofitable financial schemes and relationships.

Dreams. Dream of deja vu. Dreams are deceptive and even contrary to reality. What is dreamed of on these lunar days, one must understand with accuracy and vice versa. Can have bad dreams, this is due to the energy of the day. Sometimes dreams relate to problems of a social nature, dreams that show where you do not take yourself.

Health. A bad day for surgical operations, even today's nails do not need to be cut. Do not indulge your weaknesses. Especially gluttony, move more and not lead a sedentary lifestyle. It's good to starve or hold fasting. And for those who are engaged in healing, today you can hold fast and have energy. It is good today not to eat meat at all, but to replace food with dairy products, you can bake pies, cheesecakes, especially baked walnuts with nuts. Diseases that begin on these lunar days are often severe and prolonged. Immunity is weakened today and the body's resistance is reduced. Aggravation of sexual desire can lead to sexual problems. On the spine area, it is good to carry out medical manipulations and procedures or restorative procedures for the entire body.

  • Start 23-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Reykjavik:
  • 15 january 02:44
  • 13 february 04:01
  • 13 march 18:20
  • 12 april 19:15
  • 12 may 05:16
  • 11 june 02:46
  • 11 july 00:29
  • 8 august 22:16
  • 7 september 20:03
  • 6 october 19:42
  • 5 november 22:56
  • 4 december 23:51
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Haircut will bring an ugly complexion, worsen your well-being.


People born on the 23rd lunar day have an iron grip, are guardian angels of people they love. They see the benefits, they will not miss their own, in every act they seek meaning, they can not tolerate unjustified actions.
Tip: give yourself a constant physical load.

Bathing in the bath

Avoid noisy companies, light candles in the bath.


On the 23nd lunar day, false dreams are dreamed. They, as a rule, must be understood to the exact opposite: they have seen good luck - expect failures, something bad has dreamed - wait for some positive changes. You will see this in three days.

Stones keepers

Crocodile, rauchtopaz, caper, white jade.

Conception of the child

The child, born on the 23rd lunar day, can become a very unusual person. This is a day of extremes, which will affect the conceived person. He can become either mentally retarded or, on the contrary, an outstanding thinker. Whoever he is, it will be very difficult to understand and unravel. He is a masked man who never shows his true face, and therefore no one knows this face. Appearance of its deceptive, do not trust the first impression, which is formed about it, whether it is good or bad. Man will turn out to be a master of behind-the-scenes intrigue and a great deceiver. It is not difficult for him to lie for him, and he does not consider it a crime - of course, if a lie does not harm him himself. With enemies, he is more immoral. One way or another, a person born on this day is able to achieve many things, including fame. He can become a popular figure in his field. This day is not suitable for conception if the parents are sick or have hereditary diseases, and also if they have a weak character that will condone the development of the child's bad inclinations.

Aromatherapy and home scents

This fragrance perfectly heals spiritual wounds, pacifies anger, improves mood. The smell of Orchid redirects a person into a channel of positive actions and emotions. Helps in resolving disputes. Aroma of Orchids helps to make the right choice and make the right decision.


23 lunar day is very energetic. And this energy is heavy and aggressive.

Dental treatment

23 lunar day is very energetic. And this energy is heavy and aggressive.


In the twenty-third lunar day it is better not to marry. Families created during this period tend to break up very quickly, and wedding celebrations rarely end happily, usually they are painfully remembered. It is also not recommended during this period to apply for a painting.


The twenty-third lunar day is an unfavorable time for shopping. And first of all, it is very dangerous today to acquire weapons, because, not even an hour, it can, one way or another, turn against yourself. So refrain from everything that bears the destruction, even if it is an ordinary kitchen knife. Perhaps, the only thing that can be bought relatively easily in this period is sports equipment - dumbbells, a bar, simulators, expanders and so on.


symbol: tortoise, crocodile
stones: black jade
body parts: vagina, uterus, ovaries

Satan's Day. It carries in itself the destructive energies of Mars. Any rites of attack, vengeance, damage to the taking away of health, rites for the repayment of debt, punishment, curses, any rites of destruction and violence. Also on this day the Goddess of the lust of the Ashma-dive actively manifests its power, therefore, the spoiling for fornication, both for men and women, falls on this day best. The most suitable day for feeding on a person (energy vampirism).

From divination it is better to abstain. The twenty-third lunar day is an unfavorable period in general for any magical activities. Devote him to rest and meditation.

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