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Characteristics of 8th lunar day

Characteristics lunar days

Overall forecast

The symbol is the bird of the sirin, the phoenix, the treasure, the fire, the peacocks, the, the misfortune. Color - red-black (the color of a dying flame). Phoenix, burning and transforming. Here the symbol is Prosperpine, associated with the Twins.

This lunar day can be called a day of purification, repentance, absolution of sins and alchemy. At this time, it is also good to starve and clean the intestines, as well as to make medicines for all diseases. Under no circumstances can one be selfish and dissolute.

This period is difficult, because there are still unsolved problems, but the old goals and plans will require spending much more time on them. It is necessary to try to attract new employees and partners in their plans. At this time, the relationship in the team can change, so you need to be discreet and prudent. Also, this period of time is characterized by the transition to the new stage of development, which means that it will be necessary to change their tactics in time in behavior.

Love and relationships. In general, the eighth lunar day is favorable for visits, but remember that today is the day of forgiveness. Be lenient if your loved one is confesses to any of their sins. Show compassion and understanding. Perhaps a person for a very long time, around his neck, and today he finally decided to confess everything. On the eighth lunar day, people are frank. So even on the first date you can accidentally put out such information, which others do not need to know at all. On this day it is better to refrain from sexual contacts, including marital ones.

Housework. Suitable exclusively for the smallest and smallest household chores. A very good day for alterations, repairs and alterations of old clothes.

Business and money. Do not overwork at work and you can only solve small business finances. What you have started or planned on this day. This applies to work, money, and all plans. Possible unexpected turns of events, conflicts, emergencies. Good luck will bring the business and business trips on this lunar day. Risky transactions and businesses can lead, but only if the situation is critical and you can go to risk in order to save the case. The more labor you put into your work, the more will be the return. A very favorable day for finding new partners who will accept your ideas and help to realize them.

Dreams. In these lunar days, indicate your opportunities, which you did not realize, but which are still worth implementing. In addition, you can see an indication of the problems that have turned away from you. You can see the tasks for which you have strength, do not turn away from them, try to apply these forces to solve the tasks. In addition, images of dreams at this time show the ability to change and transform you, so if you withdraw closed spaces, obstacles, dead ends and the like, then you are not changing yet. If vice versa, open spaces, fields, mountains, the sea, beautiful rooms, bright, clean, then you go, transform yourself in the right direction and put effort into transformation. So, the main task of dreams is to show your destiny. Sometimes dreams are convoluted, and it is meaningful. Sometimes quite clearly describe the whole picture. If you want to clear your dream through sleep, set a goal the day before. When you wake up, analyze everything that you are dreamed of, and keep in mind.

Health. Today the stomach can get sick, then the person has a warmed up and committed a bad deed. It is good today to prepare medicines, in the old days. Do not take alcohol. A good day for cleansing and rejuvenating the body.

  • Start 8-x lunar days in 2023 ​​year, Reykjavik:
  • 28 january 11:19
  • 26 february 09:07
  • 28 march 07:00
  • 26 april 06:35
  • 26 may 09:54
  • 25 june 12:23
  • 24 july 13:09
  • 23 august 16:08
  • 21 september 05:55
  • 21 october 06:46
  • 19 november 16:34
  • 19 december 14:03
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Haircut on the 8th lunar day will help strengthen the body's defenses, allow itself to assert itself and grow in the eyes of others, to acquire longevity.


Born on this day are extremely attractive for their internal qualities. They are smart, smart, decent, hardworking and friendly. They are distinguished by an extraordinary vision of life, ingenuity. They are interesting in communication, capable of unexpected, extravagant deeds, broad gestures, are not afraid of change and are always ready for them. These people have a strong character, they are endowed with the ability to survive and recover. People of this day have good intuition and often have the gift of foresight. The main danger is the loss of self-control. This leads to constantly recurring errors. Therefore, you need to constantly monitor the course of events, be able to keep yourself in hand. Successful professions - chemists, doctors, healers.
Advice: practice self-improvement, and you will be able to achieve much in life, to bring great benefits to others.

Bathing in the bath

A day for relaxation. Light a candle in the bath.


On the 8th lunar day, dreams can be prophetic, that you will see in a dream, it will come true, you must be attentive to them. They can even have a hint of our true destiny, the tasks and solutions that life expects from us.

Stones keepers

Agate, morion.

Conception of the child

Started on the 8th lunar day, the child is on the verge of a bright, busy life. Although it will not be easy. He is endowed with enough strength to cope with many difficulties. He is a man of extremes, he can be very principled and even stubborn. Therefore, in his life everything will be as high as possible: in happiness he loses his head, in desperation he experiences utter despair. But only for a while, because his will conquers any disaster, and his spirit will only grow stronger in trials. Moreover, the willpower of such people is enormous. They need to remember that a person is not given tests that he can not stand.

Aromatherapy and home scents

rose flower
Transforms negative energy into a positive, filling with a sense of well-being and joy, eliminates the symptoms of fatigue and stops reactions to stress. Relieves feelings of resentment and irritation. Eliminates the inferiority complex. Enriches emotions. Refreshes and clarifies the mind, increases efficiency. It stimulates creative and intellectual growth. Rosa's fragrance creates a cozy and joyful atmosphere.


Marriages, concluded on the eighth lunar day, are successful only if the spouses are constantly looking for something new, are always open to change and often travel. For everyone else, a family created at this time will become a place of constant conflict and long periods of financial instability.


In the eighth lunar day, it is worth buying only antiques or things that were in use. All other purchases will not bring joy, on the contrary, entail a heap of various small problems.


symbol: bird Phoenix
stones: chrysolite, olivine
part of body: stomach

Manufacturing of medicines, including complex multicomponent, alchemical works, consecration of temples, sanctuaries, any works of the growing moon. Very good cleaning of the digestive tract. On this day you can not marry.

When guessing you need to ask only those questions that require a call to the past, to past events, whose consequences are directly related to the present. Also on these lunar days, you can clarify all the issues related to the karmic nodes and interpret the prophecies obtained in past predictions.

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