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Lunar eclipse 9 december 1992

Full eclipse

date / time: 09-12-1992 23:45:05 we
beginning of the phase: 09-12-1992 20:56:57 we
end of phase: 10-12-1992 02:31:09 we
estimated time - Reykjavik
type of eclipse: full eclipse
saros: 125
phase: 1.2709
extension: 1 hour 13 min. 54 sec.
Max. visibility: 23° n.l., 2° e.l.
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Overall forecast

A total lunar eclipse occurs at a time when the moon is completely immersed in the shadow space. The total phase of the eclipse lasts up to 1.5 hours, then the edge of the moon again appears in the field of view. This is the most beautiful and large-scale lunar eclipse. Influence on the person on the force appears the maximum.

On the day of the eclipse, it is not recommended to start anything important, because the eclipse strengthens the slightest negative factors of the vibrations of the day in which it occurs.

Cases that will still be started can respond even after 18 years. However, if you are confident of success and your thoughts are pure in front of people and before God, and if the general characteristic of the day of confinement is favorable, you can act, but remember that for all the deeds and even the thoughts associated with the eclipse day, sooner or later keep the answer. The lunar eclipse may have an echo within three months, but the eclipse effect completely ends within 18.5 years, and the greater part of the luminary was closed, the more powerful and lasting the effect.

Eclipses exert a strong influence on all people, even those in whose horoscope the eclipses are not accented in any way. Naturally, the people born in the eclipse, as well as people who have somehow touched the eclipse points in a horoscope, the current eclipse will act more strongly. The eclipse always has special significance in the event that the degree of the current eclipse affects the planet or other important element of the birth horoscope. In case the eclipse coincides with the important point of the horoscope, you can expect changes and important events. Even if the events that have occurred may not seem important at first, the importance of them will necessarily manifest themselves over time.

According to Vedic Astrology, it is recommended that certain rules be observed during solar and lunar eclipses. On the day of the eclipse, you should read prayers (what you know), mantras, repeat the names of God, read books on spiritual development, meditate, stay in the water (take a bath), and fumigate the room in which you are. Do not recommend looking at the eclipse itself. It is advisable to be in the room at the time of the eclipse. If you are on a trip, then at the very moment of eclipse of the Sun or the Moon (in advance, find out the time of eclipse in your locality) go into the room, or park the car, sit for 5-10 minutes, interrupt meditations, mentally forgive those who offended you, mentally ask forgiveness from those to whom you feel guilty. It is not recommended to eat for 3 hours before and after the eclipse. Do not make deals, all financial issues postponed to the next day, it is also desirable not to make important purchases. It is forbidden to conduct any operations on the body on the day of eclipses. It is necessary to avoid places of large congestion of the people. You can start to "quit" smoking and work with bad habits.

The effect of the eclipse begins to appear 2 weeks before the exact moment of the eclipse and 2 weeks after it. Especially it is felt by people in their age, illnesses are aggravated, poor state of health makes it necessary to limit their activity and to pay more attention to nutrition. Meteorologically dependent people are especially affected.


It is highly recommended not to cut hair in the days of lunar and solar eclipses, it can bring to various problems in life.

Conception of the child

Lunar and solar eclipses negatively affect not only the physical properties of the organism, causing weakness and activating diseases, but also causes a surge of negative energy, therefore - children conceived during the eclipse are born morbid, have a complex and difficult character. They will have to live a difficult life, often very unhappy. Therefore, one should avoid conception within a week before or after solar or lunar eclipses.

Planning a child's sex

Avoid conception within a week before or after any eclipses.


Nothing serious in the days of eclipses should not be taken, and even more so important for life and health, as an operation.

Dental treatment

Nothing serious in the days of eclipses should not be taken.


Given the ambiguous nature of eclipses, it is better not to tempt your fate. Knowing about the upcoming eclipses, about 2 weeks before and after them, it makes sense to refrain from any active actions, much less such an important event as marriage.


Lunar eclipses are special psychological, energetic and magical days. Having performed the ritual of the lunar eclipse, you can get rid of diseases, bad habits, complexes, fear, mental weaknesses, spoilage and evil eye - that we are aware of inside ourselves as superfluous, unnecessary and harmful. Lunar clock - to affect the psyche and emotions. The magic induced in the lunar eclipse breaks the soul, emotions are in turmoil, in chaos. If you are a beginner and do not know how to control the flow, then refrain from strong, serious rituals, the force can turn back to you with immense power.

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