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Moon Aries

In the sign of Aries

Overall forecast

In the house of Mars - the god of war and struggle. On the throne of the Sun - master of creativity, energy, light, joy, consciousness. In the verse of Fire.

Emotions and behavior. When the Moon enters Aries, the active principle takes precedence. Masculinity, courage and swiftness determine success. If you lack these qualities, this lunar position can be somewhat difficult for you. People become more determined, open, more prone to conflict. In the days of the Moon in Aries you can often face tactlessness and fights. Prevailing egoistic thinking, propensity to dictatorship, domination, extreme decisions.

Most problems are successfully solved with the help of pressure, pressure, in one fell swoop. Emotional reactions are impulsive, expressive, passionate and changeable. Decisions are made more boldly, openly, impulsively, but later a person often regrets because of his hasty actions or rash words. These days, the possibility of fires, injuries, accidents is higher. Drivers, like a pedestrian, tend to rush, take risks. In the case of bad planetary aspects, there is more haste and confusion. Many proposals, initiatives, but not enough practical actions and sensitivity. Avoid: open conflicts, rash actions. Beware: the bad mood of others.

Job. It's good to start those things that can be finished quickly. Favorable time for trading, buying, selling, applying tough measures, risky decisions, launching new projects, opening a new business (especially where there is a risk). A good time for activities in the field of: automotive, trade equipment, sports, new enterprises. This time is favorable for people whose work is connected with the power structures: police, military personnel, security officers. Time is also good for administrators, managers, politicians, those who are engaged in active physical work, athletes. On the other hand, the possibility of injuries, especially of the head, spine, arms and legs, increases. The probability of thefts and attacks is greater.

Finances and values. You will be more inclined to spend money, not to save. These days, short-term arrangements are successful, for which payment is received immediately upon completion. Do not trust only promises - promises that are not documented will soon be forgotten. Things acquired in this period, quickly wear off, wear out, as if burned. This time is suitable for the purchase of mechanical devices, knives, various tools that must be sharp for a car if you are interested in its speed.

Love. Interest in the opposite sex becomes stronger, men are inclined to prove their masculinity. Romance novels started at this time will be stormy, but short or changeable. The Moon in the Aries is the time suitable for an explanation of love. If you do not dare to express your feelings - do it with Moon in Aries. At this time, emotions are easier to manifest, but they can be turbulent, which is not always appropriate.

Health. The head, brain, teeth are especially sensitive, so it is advisable at this time not to overload them, and you can not operate. Chronic inflammation worsens. You can successfully treat kidneys, urinary system, women's gynecological ailments. Use the energy of these days for hardening, strengthening the muscles, strengthening the tone of the skin. Be careful when doing strength exercises, avoid overheating in the sauna or in the open sun. Twins will benefit from breathing exercises, Pisces - gymnastics for the eye muscles, Cancers and Capricorns - for the muscles of the back and chest. Taurus in this period should be protected by the neck and vocal cords. Positive result will bring exercises for stretching the muscles, visiting the chiropractor.

The color that harmonizes the position of the Moon in Aries - red, stimulates physical and sexual activity and can be recommended to women who feel not energetic enough - Pisces, Cancers and Virgins. Today the body needs protein. It is well absorbed and brings maximum benefit. In protein days with meat, it is recommended to cut all the fat beforehand, and do not fry it, but boil it, or cook it in steaming. Milk, cottage cheese is better to use low-fat, and from cheese it is better to refuse, as the fat there is more than protein.

Children. Children these days must learn to fight, compete, win, acquire courage. If they become prone to fights, restless, if they seek to command and control, then everything is in order. Give them more physical exertion, offer competitions: for example, "who is faster, who is higher." The blows on the forehead are common during these days, however, they are a natural part of the Aries experience. A lot of accumulated energy, so let the children express themselves, move, otherwise you may face an explosion of anger. On the other hand - at this time with children you can be stricter - a strict and fair parental approach they will obey.

  • Entering the Moon as a sign Aries in 2023 year, Reykjavik:
  • 25 january 18:47
  • 22 february 05:13
  • 21 march 16:01
  • 18 april 01:09
  • 15 may 07:55
  • 11 june 13:20
  • 8 july 19:18
  • 5 august 03:19
  • 1 september 13:24
  • 29 september 00:17
  • 26 october 10:01
  • 22 november 17:19
  • 19 december 22:46
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The Moon in Aries is considered unfavorable for hair cutting in general, although it does not affect hair and hair. The fact is that after such a procedure the body's immunity weakens, the risk of getting sick increases.


The person in whose horoscope the Moon stands in Aries has strong desires, hot emotions, a huge will to achieve goals and conquer the desired. He is very energetic, his temperament can literally beat over the edge. He is characterized by such qualities as vanity and ambition; he is an undoubted careerist, will never give up fame, dreams he sees himself as rich and famous. Well, his dreams can come true if he applies his endless energy to this. Activity and vitality of this man will last for four. True, in excess he has less pleasant qualities - irritability, nervousness (especially under stress), suspiciousness, uncontrolled behavior. In anger, this man is terrible, in a state of affect, he is capable of breaking such firewood that he himself will break his legs about them. It's no wonder: a man with the Moon in Aries shows enviable zeal in everything! Even if you run the risk of making trouble, and maybe not even "even", but "especially" ... Add to this stubbornness, impatience, adventurism, intrigue and impermanence. This is not a diplomat. Compromises are not for him, to settle everything so that the wolves are full, and the sheep are also not his method, he needs to be fed himself, and whoever at the same time patches the skin is not his concern.

Among the features of the character of the lunar Aries are authoritarianism, quick temper, foolishness, capriciousness, imbalance, inflexibility and the ability to find cause for quarrel even where there is none. One of its unpleasant features is the ability to go your own way, not noticing who you are on.

This person persistently implements the motto "The end justifies the means". And what the "tool" thinks itself, does not interest him at all. And if the lunar Aries came up with some idea, then it will require immediate implementation. With the application of incredible efforts and with the help of others it will be realized - and it will be better for everyone, because the obstacles of the lunar Aries are annoying, and in annoyance it is quite unpleasant. Thinking whatsoever, he takes aim by storm. For him, prolonged planning is not typical. Often he thinks out the plan already in the process of action. When the lunar Aries does not agree, things go awry, the plans pop at the seams, the ideas fail, he feels himself to be the most unhappy man in the world. Most of all he hates failures and his own powerlessness to change something. This is the only thing that can seriously and permanently knock him out of the rut. Lunar Aries more often than others leads the conflicts on an equal place: it is enough to say something is wrong, or get him under a hot hand, or run into him when he is not in the spirit. At such times the lunar Aries is harsh and rude. However, he quickly departs and easily forgets his grievances. And it does not even represent that anyone at all can remember them. Forgives too easily, unless it is a question of real betrayal.

Communication . The character looms not a gift, but, nevertheless, often a man with the Moon in Aries is the soul of society. This is because, in addition to the above qualities, he is also characterized by frankness, sincerity, idealism, lively imagination, friendliness, sense of humor, an active life position, initiative, courage. This is a person who has developed enterprise, breadth of the soul, the ability to take risks and impress, the non-standard thinking, the ability to achieve goals and inspire others.

Aspirations . Lunar Aries in abundance has willpower, numerous talents, creative energy, self-confidence, positive thinking, responsibility for one's actions, highly developed intuition, the ability to be a leader. In a word, positive qualities completely compensate for doubtful surpluses of his character. Such a fountain of contradictions can not be ignored! And if he wants to go into the shadows, he will not be able to do it: his curled, exuberant little head is too noticeable. He prefers not to rest, not in the quiet of a secluded village or under the shadow of a lonely palm tree, but in noisy megacities or bubbling resorts. In whatever mood the lunar Aries is - and it is changeable in it, although for the most part this person is optimistic - he has an almost manic desire for global change. If he can not remake the whole world, or at least change the state system, he will improve the lives of others.

Career . Recognition of the lunar Aries is simply necessary. First, he is vain. People's opinion of him is very important to him. And secondly, sincerely - and quite rightly - considers recognition one of the indicators of success. Lunar Aries should never get a job, where he will be in the shadows, and all his achievements will remain only figures in the reports. If he has achieved something, the superior must declare it publicly. If he deserves a reward or won a prize, he should get it not in the office, face to face, but on stage, in front of everyone. And this is quite a normal desire! Moreover, recognition for lunar Aries is a strong motivating factor. After all, if the labor of a person is not needed by anyone, then the worker will wither very quickly. Lunar Aries perfectly understands this simple law.

Money . However, in addition to recognition, the material side of the issue is of great importance for him. In money, he values ​​not so much pleasure as independence. Therefore, he does not have enough modest earnings, he is interested in income above the average, so you can talk about any degree of freedom. Lunar Aries hates being subordinate, does not like to be controlled.

Life plan . And in personal life, and in work, and in any life sphere, the lunar Aries allows the senses to dominate the mind. He is not at all reckless, just very temperamental and emotional. He is bored to live by the patterns. Following the call of reason, you will always go by the same road, and the voice of the heart is able to lead to the most unexpected levels. This is the philosophy of the lunar Aries, and he follows it, even if he did not bother to formulate it.

Gardener - sowing

Aries is an infertile sign, but suitable for planting anything that grows quickly and immediately is used, it is possible to plant onions, garlic, lettuce.

Collection of herbs

Headache and visual impairment.

Planning a child's sex

The moon is in the male zodiacal sign.

Weather forecast

The Day of Heat reigns in the world. More often these days is good weather, this time is suitable for walking outside the city. Even if the whole sky is covered with clouds, it seems that it's warm outside.

Nutrition and weight loss

When the Moon passes the signs of Fire (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius), the body needs more protein. It is these days that the protein is best absorbed by the body and brings him the most benefit. This means that in the days of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, you need to make sure that your diet consisted mainly of protein food, and the proteins should be half vegetable, and half animal.

Animal proteins are found in lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, milk, cottage cheese; vegetable - in legumes (soy, beans, peas), as well as in various cereals.

But the amount of fat and carbohydrates in the "protein" days should be reduced. Therefore, it is recommended to cut off fat before cooking meat, while meat should not be fried, but cook, stew or cook it on a grill or a couple. It is advisable to use milk, cottage cheese, kefir with a low percentage of fat content or, even better, fat-free. From cheese in days of protein it is better to refuse, in spite of the fact that the protein in it is enough, since cheese is a very fatty product.


The procedures and operations on the kidneys, the bladder will go well.
You can not conduct any procedures and operations in the head and all organs associated with the head - eyes, teeth, ears. Today, these bodies are particularly vulnerable.

Dental treatment

Unfavorable time for any procedures with teeth during the passage of the moon on the signs of Aries (especially), Taurus and Capricorn, tk. head organs are now particularly vulnerable. At this time is fraught with not only the danger of manipulation, but also the risk of complications.


Extremely bad time for marriage. The moon in Aries means "I'm first", which does not contribute to success in marriage.


In days with the Moon in Aries buy cars, any metal objects, starting with knives and forks and ending with needles and needles. A good time to buy toys, children's things, although it is better to choose gifts on other days, because haste will not let you think well and choose what you need. Our desires are impulsive and excessively strong. Attention is attracted, as a rule, things spectacular, but short-lived. Shoes bought at this time, instantly burned on your feet, clothes will pop at the seams, and if you risk buying perfume, then in the future will certainly be that they have a too sharp flavor. Even bedding and it is better not to choose now - a dream on it will be restless and shallow. That's what's good to buy, so it's glasses. Check - you will not regret it.


Magic rituals for gaining power, will power and rebirth. Suitable spells are aimed at freedom and adventure. This is a time of personal energy, enthusiasm. During this period, you can feel more impulsive, because Aries is characterized by a spirit of rivalry.


Aries - in astrology is responsible for the head, respectively, these days all operations in the head area, on the face are prohibited. It is not recommended on such days to do piercings on the face, ears, dye your hair, eyelashes, eyebrows permanent paint. It is also undesirable to do a hair perm. Even it would seem, such a useful procedure, like a head massage, will not bring benefit in this period. It is best to massage the body with the Moon in Aries and take an air bath. the body lacks oxygen these days.

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